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The book Steal like an artist authored by Austin Kleon focus on the ideology that creativity is everywhere and can be pursued by anyone regardless of the ethnic, social or economic background. The book was actually crafted after he gave his speech on the ten things he hoped someone had informed him about as he was starting out. This happened while he was at Upstate New York addressing college students. The book can be used as a guide whose exercises, illustrations, examples, graphic look and positive message assists readers get in touch with their artistic self. Similarly, the book has many instances where creativity is mentioned and that each and every person has a creativity side that needs to be explored early enough.

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Kleon starts by explaining how individuals should Steal like an artist. He explains to students that they should remix, study, credit among others and should not plagiarize other people work. He meant that creative work counters on what was before since nothing is always completely original. The authors second point is that people especially the youths ought not to wait to know who they are to get started in being creative. The author sends a powerful message that time lost can never be recovered and that individuals should strive to initiate what they have in store early enough before it is too late. The books third point on creativity is that individuals should always strive to write books they would also want to read. On this, the author urges individuals to always look for creative ways in writing books that readers would always want to read repeatedly. Similarly, Kleon urges individuals to use their hands in pursuing their creativity sides. He urges them on to make good use of their hands to make things right for them.

Moving forward, the author also reminds individuals that hobbies and side projects are crucial and that following them enhances creativity which may in turn lead to success in the long run. Furthermore, he talks about the key secret to creativity. This, he puts it that doing a tremendous job and sharing it with other people is the key secret to further your creativity skills. Then again, the book reminds individuals that geography is not anyones master any longer. As the book progresses, Kleon advises individuals to always be courteous and nice because the world is a small town. What he meant by this was that individuals should embrace courtesy to others because at one point in time, those looked down up might be the saviors of tomorrow. As the book nears a halt, Kleon advises individuals to always be boring because that would only be the sure way to get work done. He believes that getting too involved would only waste ones precious time that he would have used in pursuing creative ways. Finally, the book talks about creativity of subtraction. Kleon meant that getting pretty good on creative work, one requires a lot of attention and time. This would mean cutting majority of fluff out of your schedule so at to have additional attention and time. Similarly, Kleon meant that creativity in ones life is frequently a matter of what one leaves out rather than what he leaves in.

To conclude, the aforementioned book describes ten fundamental ideas on how one would improve on his or her creativity. The author urges individuals to always copy their icons and their styles in order to get a glimpse of what they are thinking. He also asserts that nothing is original and creative work is borne from already existing ideas hence the title of the book Steal like an artist.

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