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After reading through the article, I was impressed by the creativity of the actors. They were able to come up with something, a drama to present on stage, which shows that something can go wrong but results in laughter, as the name suggests. The actors say that by acting the play, they are inviting everyone to laugh at them instead of laughing with them. Given that their performance was inspired by their low point in life, where each of them had a small job which was neither enjoyable nor able to meet to pay for their necessities, the authors are committed to succeeding. Being so broke made them live together for several years after completing the acting school. The performed some comedy which did not attract many people giving them a wake-up call to start something different, a tragedy.

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The theater is a field that attracts several individuals since most people need some entertainment at the end of some hard work to relax their minds. The trio, therefore, chose the right route that will make them popular as well as achieve their desired goals in life. Their nature of always aiming big in whatever they do is the best pillar in all their endeavors. Investing so much in creating a tense mood and a sense of jeopardy is very helpful in their performance. This environment thrills the audience and makes them stay alert throughout wondering whether some character might get hurt. It is achieved by the fact that something has to go wrong so as to make the audience laugh at the characters.

I believe that the actors need to make use of the fact they have discovered that the Americans are more open to just laughing as compared to English people. They can attend as many places in America and performed there since this will make them feel appreciated thus get encouraged to press on in their performance. Also, they should not allow the challenges they are facing to bring them down but instead should see them as opportunities since they can know what is expected from them. For instance, when they are performing in front of few people, they might get discouraged when they find someone who is not laughing at them. The other challenge they face is that they have to get injured during the show. Since this is meant to attract people since people are obsessed with it, the trio has to bear this challenge for the success of their performance anytime anywhere. The question that I can ask concerning this is; Apart from having to get injured, what are some other ways that they can use to attract the audience?

Creativity is something important in the current generation where the rate of unemployment is high. Instead of staying idle of working in jobs that cannot enable one foot their bill, it is better to exploit our talents and use them to provide for ourselves as we serve other people. The trio had some jobs but they went ahead to invest in their talents and despite the fact that they know not all the people will be impressed, they are willing to try their best.

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