Social Changes in the Aftermath of the Freedom Summer

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What did the Freedom Summer achieve in terms of political and social emancipation of Afro-Americans in Mississippi and beyond?

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Among the most notable achievements of the Freedom Summer is the political and social emancipation of the African-Americans in not only Mississippi but also in other parts of the United States of America. With African-Americans not allowed to vote, the Freedom Summer pushed towards the acknowledgment of the rights of every citizen to vote regardless of his or her race. It is for this reason that African-Americans and some white volunteer agreed to raise awareness and garner the public attention of the inequalities that were facing the African-Americans in Mississippi. The achievement of the goal of the Freedom Summer paved way for the right of voting for all Americans citizens in not only Mississippi but also in America as a whole. Through voting rights, every citizen regardless of his or her race is able to articulate his or her social and political needs.

This will be a qualitative study focusing on the review of primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources will include:

Claibornes book The Modern Freedom Struggle published in 2008 will be handy in explaining the extent of the struggle and fight for equal voting rights among the different races in America. It will also look at how the struggle manifests itself in the current times.

Dougs book Freedom Summer will be handy in explaining the events and the circumstances that pushed for the Freedom Summer and how it influence the voting rights of African-Americans.Marshal James book Student Activism and Civil Rights in Mississippi: Protest Politics and the Struggle for Racial Justice will help in the depiction of the role of students in the emancipation of the African-Americans to champion for their rights to vote.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Racial Crisis: A New York Times. June 28. 1968. An article that gives the extent of racial segregation in Mississippi prior to the Freedom Summer

ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Youth Corps in Mississippi: A New York Times. June 7, 1964. The Entry and activities of black students in the state and the beginning of freedom campaigns

Sitton, Claude. Mississippi towns fear new strife: New York Times. June 7, 1964 - The impending rivalry between the white supremacists and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Rugabers, Walter. Mississippi Tells off Fight on Rights Drive: New York Times July 9, 1968. The ensuing resistance to the Rights Drive by the white bigots in the State of Mississippi

In addition, a number of secondary sources from Google Scholar and the School digital library will be used in this paper.

The exercise in Mississippi was one of the many historical events aimed at enlightening the Blacks in America to stand for their rights. The event took a general approach of freeing the community from social and political bondage. Through the project, many African-Americans became more aware of their constitutional rights. Throughout history, they had not enjoyed them due to suppression by the White man. However, through education and activism, many African-Americans partook in electoral process as they became more politically conscious. Therefore, the event is a remarkable landmark in the history of Black activism. This paper will, therefore, seek to determine the effect that the Freedom Summer had on Black emancipation in the United States.


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