Motivation Letter for Software Programming Magistracy

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I have always been a hardworking student, but my life seems to be full of struggles at times. Fortunately, my enthusiasm and determination for education continue to take me to heights which would have otherwise been difficult to attain. My community has also been of great support since recently I graduated with a Computer Science degree. I, therefore, hope to get a summer or spring scholarship to further my education to masters level in the field of computer science.

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My plan in academics is to major in software programming and studying at masters level would be a significant step in achieving my dream. As time continues to pass by, computers continue to shape the world in a manner that connects and benefits the world today. I am very glad to witness the progress that is taking place. It fuels and provides me with the passion for continuing working with computers. My primary objective is to expand uniquely the field by engaging in software programming.

I am a flexible, efficient team player and builder with good managerial capabilities. I am also a hardworking student who dedicates most of the time to studies. Attaining a GPA grade of four in my last three semesters is proving to my hard work. I am also easily approachable by any client and with high abilities to confront any oncoming problems with a desire to solve them quickly. I also organize my work well with the vision of achieving my goals and in the process develop others as well. I also enjoy involving self with extracurricular activities that act as a method of relaxation. While in my high school education, I was the captain of the football team for approximately two years. I also worked as teaching assistant in college due to my hard work and desire to help others become successful in education. My time span as a teaching assistant also helped further my leadership skills.

I am currently involved in developing an Android application that automates work in the programming assistance laboratory. I hope to finish it successfully which will be a significant achievement that will go a long way in developing the current technology. I plan to engage myself in programming activities and training sessions to sharpen my skills further. I am also interested in joining the governments exhibitions on computer programming related shows. I am also actively involved in my community development programs. I volunteer at several places and homes for the needy and elderly population.

I am the oldest child in my family. We are all raised by a single parent. My mother is also a hardworking woman who struggles but works hard to provide food and other basic amenities. I sometimes work on other small jobs to help support my family. My mother is my greatest source of inspiration and motivation. I work hard to maintain my grades high knowing that I can get opportunities that my mother did not get. My future goal is to establish my software programming company where I can start and mentor the young and future generations. I also intend to start an organization that will deal with caring for the needy and children from poor backgrounds.

I look forward to a continuation of the past times and my natural hunger for success suits me to studying software programming at masters level.

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