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I must say that the first dose of scholarly writing has been quite involving, challenging but all in all, a great experience. Since it is my first encounter doing scholarly writing, my cost-benefit analysis is positive. That is to say that the benefits have gained have so far exceeded the challenges I face doing my writing. This experience has given me some tips and insights on how to think critically with regards to my accounting course. Prior to this process of scholarly writing, I always rushed into tackling and solving problems as far as accounting and its affiliates were concerned. Right now, I can attest that, even though have not gained much experience, I can critically handle basic accounting tasks involved. I attribute all that to your lectures and guidance with reference to performing the aforesaid tasks.

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Scholarly writing as a seminar focus as come with its fair share of challenges and benefits equally. Scholarly writing has enabled me triumph over obstacles in my accounting course in pursuing my ultimate goal of passing with high grades and fulfilling my accounting dreams career wise. To add on that, it has equipped me with relevant techniques to solve my accounting problems. Prior to this, I had a lot of problems in doing presentation and solving accounting tasks. As we speak, I am able to perform challenging tasks by doing research on different scholars works, comparing and contrasting and finally coming up with a concrete conclusion coupled with explanations. Then again, it has equipped me with supporting documents and materials in form of researchers for presentation amongst my colleagues and lectures among others. Similarly, scholarly writing has enabled me compare my research work with other parties involved. The benefits have so far gained also include having an insight and experience in the practice and theory of writing and reading. This is with reference to the various sub topics so far learnt on accounting practices and procedures.

Due to this experience, I have developed quite a huge interest in developing a scholarly manuscript in accounting. My lessons have aided me in comprehending that a well-developed scholarly manuscript entails capturing the readers attention. Through my lessons, I have been able to learn that capturing of the readers attention is the key to a well written scholarly manuscript. Preferably, I would opt for preparing an electronic manuscript as I progress in my scholarly writing class. Having an electronic manuscript would enable me edit, format my work where changes need be.

Prior to this class, I believed that scholarly writing entailed writing entirely about a specific scholars works. I have come to learn that is not the case. I have learnt that schorlarly writing includes incorporating many scholars works, comparing, contrasting and coming up with a relevant conclusion of the same. Moreover, I have come to learn that scholarly writing has more to just comparing different authors works. I have learnt that scholarly writing enables one think critically towards a given task. My concerns in this class basically include the nitty gritties involved for a scholarly manuscript to be approved for publication. I hope that in the coming weeks, I will be able to learn about the relevant techniques that I ought to adopt to ensure I write a well scripted scholarly manuscript that meets the threshold and requirements for publication.

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