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In the education college there are several programs outlined for students to undertake the one they love, are passionate, and interested in pursuing. Therefore, I intend to take up the special needs program for the relentless passion I have to impact on the life of children with special needs. Nonetheless, learning has never been simple and; therefore; there is a need to formulate and follow laid down strategies that are meant to lead an individual to achieve their goals at the end of the course. Unfortunately, success does not come without challenges thus the need to point out the best ways of overcoming these problems. Also it is important for every student to have a formulated plan for the jobs they wish to take up after college with consideration of the concerns arising from the ability to deliver in their professions.

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Undertaking a study of special education is a very sensitive and demanding thus requiring both hard work and attention of the student. This input requires laid down strategies that are supposed to assist an individual successfully make it through college. First, it is important to ensure that they attend all the classes accrued to the program. This is despite the fact that most students are studying with a cut budget it is crucial to pay for all courses for them to make it through college and deliver in their careers. In addition, a student studying to be a special education teacher should ensure that they give undivided attention to their studies. Mainly they should ensure that they concentrate throughout the long lectures in class (MacCann, Fogarty & Roberts, 2012). Also, education college students should ensure that they take their tests and exams seriously. It is with the consideration that this exams and pre-tests are used to evaluate how much a student has learnt and how effective is the learning process. Lastly, students should ensure that they connect with their professors. Connecting with tutors ensures that a student gets the chance to ask questions and get some help from their teachers on the issues they are confused.

College comes with myriads of challenges, but the most obvious problems are associated with academics, social issues, and financial crisis. Academic difficulties arise when students fail to realize the difference between high school studies and college work that is harder. Therefore, the best way to overcome this issue is to talk to lecturers who can assist them to understand the course work regarding amount and type of assignments were given. Social challenges are demonstrated when a student is unable to submerge and fully cope with a new social environment (Kuh et al., 2011). However, the best way to resolve such issues is by anticipating about these changes, and carefully deciding on the most vital indulgence to their individual learning processes. Financial challenge is also very prominent to education college students. A college education requires that a person invests financially which at times is very costly. Although financial burdens cannot be avoided, it is important for college students to learn how to overcome their financial difficulties by making a budget and planning for their money. Budgeting ensures that students are responsible for their expenses, which acts as the crucial shaper for financially independent college pupils and employees.

After completing my studies, I intend to work with children with special needs either in Non-governmental based organization, private, and public innovated schools. Nonetheless, my career path still poses some concerns on how I can deliver on my professional platform without facing hiccups from my superiors. This is with the fact that most special need students are continually ignored and violated in institutions regardless of the impacts that arise from such undertakings (Lavoie, 2013). It is frustrating to work in an environment where children with special needs are not considered and are left undefended even by those who know the importance and the need to do so.


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