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Have you even though about why people of certain races, social status, and professions only occupy some specific areas in the US? This is because they do not embrace diversity and would not mingle with other that they feel are lesser than them. In this regard, the whites, the Africa-Americans and other people of various races leave separately in their own areas. I agree with David Brooks that although there is much talk about the issue of diversity in America, nobody really cares about it.

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There is no cultural diversity in America despite the race and ethnicity running deep into the American society. There is little or no interest of the American people building any diverse communities. Notably a breakdown of the customers is done from the companies based on their level of earnings, what they love reading or watching, and the products that they have bought in the past; those clusters are made based on where those people live. In this regard, when one opens a retail company there is need to look for those firms that know the ZIP numbers of the customers and those, which are able to attract many consumers. However, these is based on the race and ethnicities as well as the consumption culture of the people. It is, therefore, important to choose this, which are of a particular race and cultural orientation.

The institutions that are more concerned with diversity are actually the ones that practice it the least. The elite universities sing the diversity anthems frequently although they are the most undiverse in the way that they set their values, politics, and even more other aspects. The professors in those universities are drawn from a segment of the population; either the democrats or the republicans. If diversity were to be embraced in such institutions, then there would be equal number from every population segment.

The issue now dreaming about diversity is just like the one of dreaming about equality. In this regard, these two ideals are talked about daily although they are undermined daily. There is nobody who is ready to sacrifice his/ job or pull his/her child from a certain elite institution on the basis that there is no equality. Americans do not love but rather loathe those people who have divergent views. There are no arguments across the political divide as the one who has political views contrary to what another person holds is an enemy. Indeed, people cut themselves from others who are unlike them on the basis that they are not the same. This is consequently an impediment to diversity.

In conclusion, the article People Like Us correctly states that diversity is just talked about without anybody caring. As such, there is no diversity in US despite the much concern that has been put on the topic. People live in different areas based on their races, professions, and their social standings. From the elite institutions such as universities, the diversity song is sang but the values of the university as well as the operations suggest otherwise. Opening a local company would require the owner to check on the prospective customers based on their earnings and how much they have spend in the past. Indeed, the US people do not embrace diversity despite talking about it virtually everywhere.

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