Reflection on Four Global Social Work Values

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One of the primary roles of social work is to assist individuals to develop their abilities and use their skills to advance personal and community resources aimed at solving problems that face them. As such, social work makes meaningful contributions to the betterment of the community and improves the lives of all everyone. To effectively complete social work task, individuals should adhere to global social work values that act as guidelines for every activity.

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There are four global social work values that I have learned in this week. The first social one is social justice. According to Kirst-Ashman (2010), social justice is the fair and just relationship that exists between individuals and the society. Specifically, it is a measured tacit and explicit term for the distribution of opportunities, wealth, and social privileges. Another social work value that I found very important in this reading is a human right. These are the basic freedoms and rights that belong to every person from birth until death. Another global social value is community development (Healy, 2008). It is the process by which members of the community take collective action to solve the problems in the community. The last one is the social development. It means investing in people where barriers that deter progress are removed hence individuals can progress economically and mentally.

The aforementioned global values fit the social work values. Notably, social work is a profession that is concerned with assisting families, individuals, and communities to enhance their collective or individual well-being (Kirst-Ashman, 2010). Notably, human rights and social justice are the metaphysical foundations of social work practice. The exceptionality of social work practice is the mixture of some precise values, skills, and knowledge which include the use of affiliation and relationships as the base of all respect and interventions for the customers involvement and choice. Moreover, the social and community development improves the lives of people which go hand-in-hand with the objective of social work.

These values are relevant to Teds talk Social workers as super-heroes by Anna Scheyett. In this video, Scheyett says that social workers are superheroes who do not want others to fail, thus try by all means to ensure that every individual succeeds. This information is relevant to the strong message passed by the community and social developments. She says that the mission of social worker is to support and promote community and individuals well-being despite social injustices (TEDx Talks, 2015). Additionally, Scheyett says that social works require people to provide for others without depending on factors that may imply prejudice.

Social workers as super-heroes by Anna Scheyett is an educative talk about the importance and the values of social work. Through the video, I have learned that social work is among the professions that require honesty, justice, and kindness. The core theme of the video is to promote others by ensuring that areas or situations that bring them down are resolved; for example, taking caring of mentally sick individuals.

In conclusion, I have learned several aspects of social work in this reading. Such elements include four global social values such as social justice, human rights, social developments, and community developments. Notably, these global values fit with social work value since they aim at improving and maintaining the well-being of individuals.


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