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Project quality management involves the processes needed to make sure that the intended project is going to satisfy the requirements for which it was done.It is also a study for ensuring that outputs and processes by which they are submitted are fit for use.

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Quality control involves inspection, testing, and measurement and ensures that the deliverables are in line with the specifications, are fit for use and meet the stakeholder needs. This is the process of checking the project outcomes to determine whether they are consistent with the set quality standards and outline methods to get rid of underperformance.This process interacts with the other processes in other disciplines as well. Quality control tasks consider whether user acceptance criteria has or has not been attained.For this to be functional , user requirements must conform to strict configuration control. The user specifications can be tailored in the case of changes. This is to maintain accepted duration and financial constraints.Any issues to acceptance criteria should be checked and communicated.This process has the following components:


It includes the work results, a good quality management plan, the various activities definitions and lastly the checklist.


This involves checking and inspection, the control charts, pair to analysis diagrams, a sampling of the statistics, the use of flow charts and updating the new trends and analyzing them.


This involves quality improvement activities, user acceptance decisions, repetition of the work, full and complete checklists and lastly the process adjustments. Rework involves action to bring an item which is not conforming to the requirements for compliance.


Quality assurance gives assurance to the organization that its projects and programs are being taken care of and managed well. It accepts the use of procedures and standards and ensure that the assistants have got the right skills and knowledge and attitudes to complete the project roles and responsibilities in an accepted way. This process should be independent of the project or program to which it can be used. Quality assurance should be performed through the project. It is often provided by the Quality Assurance Department which is also referred to as the organizational unit. It may be provided by the respective team to the management of the organization which is also internal quality assurance or to other parties not actively involved in the project activities which is external quality assurance. Quality assurance is composed of the following components:


These include the quality management plan, the subsequent results of quality control measurements and the operational terms.


These include the various quality planning tools and techniques and also the quality audits


The outputs only include the quality improvement tools.


Quality improvement is a term used to show how information given by quality assurance and quality control processes of quality management is effectively used to push improvements in the process efficiency and effectiveness. The basis for quality improvement is the continuous planning and doing checks cycle as defined by Stewart and improved by Deming.Quality improvement initiatives did by the organization; such a Six sigma should better the quality of the projects management and also the quality of the products of the project.Quality improvement utilizes various process improvement models such as the Malcolm Baldrige, Capability Maturity Model Integrated, and the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model. The process improvement plan involves the steps for analyzing activities that will help in identifying wasteful and no value added activities. It includes process boundaries which outline the purpose the beginning and the end of the processes, the inputs, and outputs, the stakeholder.Secondly, it includes process configuration which displays the flowcharts of the processes.It also includes the process metric which is concerned with control over the status of the activities and lastly the organizational targets for improved performance.


The plan describes how the project management team is going to implement the organizations quality policy. The project planning techniques involve the following:

Inputs the scope statement, the projects quality policy, description of the product the accepted standards and regulations which guide the processes and also other process outputs.

Tools and techniques these include the cost and benefits analysis, benchmarking, the use of flowcharts to display the processes and the designing of experiments.

Outputs-these include the operational definitions, quality management plan, checklists and other processes inputs.

The quality management plan identifies the relevant quality standards of the project and solving on how to fulfill them.It should be performed regularly and usually runs parallel to other project planning processes. According to Muller (2009), the project management plan usually contains the project description, some of the major project derivable and the acceptance criteria. Satisfying the acceptance criteria means that the needs of the client have been met.If the performing organization doesnt have a formal quality policy or if the project is a joint venture , the project management team will have to come up with a quality policy for the project.The team must ensure that the stakeholders are aware of the policy through the distribution of respective information.The processes described in the plan should be in line with the culture and values and processes of the host.

The quality policy is the general direction and aims of the performing organization in terms of quality. The quality policy as outlined by the top management sets the intended direction of the organization performing in terms of quality. The quality policy of the organization for their products can be used as is for use by the project. In case, the organization doesnt have a formal quality policy or if its a joint venture the project management team will have to come up with a quality policy for the project.


Muller, R. (2009). Project governance. Farnham, UK: Gower.

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