Analysis of Khawlas Experience as TSR and FLM

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Khawla Ahmed as TSR

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Khawla's success as a territory sales representative demonstrates a high level of development of the company, supporting the fact that in the previous years the company had been doing well with her being in that level of leadership. She has developed good relationships with the companys clients, a key component of the success observed.

Given the fact that Khawla has been surpassing her sales targets consistently for the last three years, her effectiveness in the company cannot be questioned. Her contribution to the companys success is clear to see and it is even evidenced by her promotion due to the impression she has made in the eyes of her superiors.

The line manager sees clearly the dedication that Khawla has always had for the company and so he treats her with the respect and gratitude that she truly deserves. This must be one of the things that motivate Khawla to keep doing what she is doing for the good of the company.

The fact that Khawla's success has been consistent for the last three years shows that the line manager is very effective. It means that the manager gives as much support as possible to Khawla to make her feel comfortable and appreciated as an employee of the company. The line manager is keeping his junior happy.

Khawla Ahmed as FLM

In her new job as a field leadership manager, unfortunately Khawla's development level is not impressive as her term as leader of the ten territory sales representatives is marked by a decrease in the sales in the UAE as compared to the companys performance when she was working in Cairo. The task proves bigger than she can handle.

At the end things are not good for Khawla. Her reputation in Cairo makes it unfair to fire her but clearly in her new job, her development level is not making any progress.

Khawlas style with her salespeople is one of the major causes of her lack of progress. She does not take time to understand them and the measures she takes in dealing with them because more disunity in the team, therefore things keep getting worse for her.

Based on the non-improving state of the company in the UAE, it is clear that Khawla is ineffective as a supervisor. It seems like she is not yet ready to be supervisor or she simple needs to self examine her style and change where necessary.

The line manager is treating Khawla with respect considering her reputation in the company. Despite her current situation, he chooses to give her the benefit of doubt.

The line manager chooses to be patient with Khawla. This may be because he feels like at some point she might turn things around. This is a gamble and it might turn out to be effective or ineffective.

Me as Business Manager

If I were the business manager, I would advise Khawla to cross-examine her tactics of dealing with her team of sales people, see where things are going wrong and correct it. I would advise her to start building a good relationship with the team members first before going to the clients because unity is the most important ingredient of the success of a team.

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