Research on the Impact of Productivity on Production

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Support Activities

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These are the activities that directly support all the stated primary functions above where the following activities; procurement/purchasing, management of human resource, technology development, and infrastructure plays a crucial role in every primary activity. For instance say procurement supports marketing and sales (, 2016).

This link between the primary and the secondary activities can best be understood by taking look at Porters model; where you first classify each sub-activity within primary activity and further make a determination which precise sub-activity generate value, secondly classify each sub-activity within secondary activity and determine those sub-activities that generate value within every primary activity, then thirdly you make a connection between the value activities identified, and finally you identify the links that can be altered to maximize the services and values to the customers (Kochanski, 2009).

The concept of value chain although not a very common practice in the department of human resource has recently been stressed upon due to its benefits. Long are gone the days when value chain policies were crafted to cater for manufacturing and technical process and undue disregard granted to human resource management. In the modern efficient management of organization according to Abdul-Jalal, Toulson and Tweed, (2013), there is a well-accepted fact that value chain efforts in fact need to commence in the human resource department so that well skilled, educated and experienced employees who have been proportionately enumerated will handle effectively the job preferred upon them.

1.1 Significance of study

This study encompass these activities that a firm will be involved in to attract skilled labor and the engagements it will employ to ensure it retains the high potential staff with the organization. Modern management techniques agree that a well enumerated and appreciated staff will in most occasions give all his/her best to save optimize his/her usefulness in an organization. The study canvasses the subjects of value chain in human resource and desperately searches to inquire how to optimize the use of human capital as assets in order to maximize the indices of human resource productivity levels. The study also would want to establish whether there is a difference in performance and productivity caused by the difference in gender.

1.2 Research problem

Research problem normally shows the gap to be filled upon conducting the research. Most of the organizations use employees to work in the organization and for that reason value chain is vital for the success of such organizations; however most of these enterprises do not have a crystal understanding of the distinction between human capital metrics and human resource productivity metrics in the organization.

This misunderstanding has made organizations perform poorly in the economy, and, therefore, the top management should find ways of ensuring human capital skills are maintained and highly motivated. The performance of the organization will improve when the companies decide to invest in their employees. The study will establish whether there is significance contribution in the organizations human resource productivity when the companies decide to invest in employees.

1.3 Aim of the research

This research seeks to establish means to achieve optimal by studying how productivity will affect production.

1.4 Research objectives

- To establish whether there is a significant difference in the mean value of the human resource capital metric and the human resource productivity metrics between the males and female.

- To determine the degree of association between the human resource capital metrics and the human productivity metrics.

- To investigate whether there is a model that governs the association between the human capital and human resource productivity in determination of value chain assessment.

1.5 Research questions

- Is there a significant difference on the perception of the human resource productivity metrics and the human resource productivity metrics?

- Is there any association between human resource capital productivity matrix and human resource productivity metrics?

- Can we substantiate the relationships between the human resource productivity metrics and the human resource capita productivity metrics?


2.1 Literature review

The value chain is an essential and integral concept that is employed currently to systematically examine the activities performed by an organization. Michael Porter purports that discerning an organization competitive advantage in the market requires multifaceted analysis of the discrete engagements of the organization such as in producing, designing, delivering, supporting and marketing of its products (Martin, 2006). Value chain as an integral concept of human resource partitions the organization activities into advantageously relevant activities. The modern economy acknowledges the value and imperativeness of human capital as an essential cog in the wheel of any organization. Heads of the organization are increasingly becoming concerned with the techniques of using the human resource as an asset and how to appreciate the value of the human resource within the confines of the organization (Chatterjee, 2002). The human resource value chain aids an organization to discern the process which can be employed to optimize a persons worth to maximize the benefits of an individual to an organization. Value chain scrutinizes the activities of organizations conducted by the human resource department and determines how they interact to optimize a persons potential for a good return of the organization (Cool, Henderson and Abate, 2004).

To optimize the value of the talent of employees in by any management researchers have suggested that conducting a value chain analysis of the organization with regards to pursuits of hiring, recruiting, growing and retaining human capital will be important. According to Weil, (1985) most companies consider value chain in the technical and manufacturing processes but recently enough stress has been accorded to designing the employees policies and their management processes. Managing the human resources value chain especially during hard economic times is necessary to assure and maintain a competitive advantage. A good human resource should be rich with individuals who are skilled, educated and experienced enough to accomplish the requirements of the job (Reimann, 1989). It is important to note that human resource value chain has a relationship with other value chain process in the organization including the manufacturing and technical process.

While as there are these broad categorization of activities, there are several aspects of both support and primary activities that have been realized. Primary activities may include several aspects among them the inbound logistics, outbound logistics, operations, marketing and sales and services. Inbound logistics are the primary stages of product formulation. It covers the warehousing process and reception of materials to be used in the product development. O...

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