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I wish to recommend the purchase of vehicles for the staffs especially the marketers who are always on the move to market the organizations products and services. The cost of transportation has been very high owing to the fact that the organization relies on public transportation. The research conducted on the organizations expenses revealed that a lot of money is spent on public transportation on our marketers. Notably, public transportation consumes a huge chunk of the organizations expenses. I find it prudent to reduce this cost by offering an alternative to public transportation. Unnecessary expenses or rather expenses that can be avoided may impact negatively on the finances of the organization. It should therefore be avoided by all standards for the interest of the companys operations.

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The rate at which transportation complaints are reported is alarming. There is a constant complaints from the marketers and other staff members on the timeliness of their activities caused by transportation inconveniences. Regular instances of lateness amongst our staff members is on the rise. This drags the operations of the company behind as it operates on the slogan of time consciousness. Public transportation is very unreliable on matters time management as it greatly relies on the number of passengers rather than their time of movement. Therefore, public transportation must not be prioritized instead other swift modes of transportation such as private company cars and motorbikes should be bought and relied on for swift movements within and outside the organization.

Most of the organizations activities delays and loses are attributed to poor mode of transport within the company. The movement of the organizations goods is also not safe as they are mishandled, damaged and a times stolen while in transit by public means. We need a highly trustworthy transport system that is monitored and strictly handles companys goods to avoid theft through confusion of our goods with others. It is for this reason that I am writing to inform all the departments of the urgent need of our own company vehicles. Economically, our own vehicles will be relatively cheaper and more convenient to our staff members. The vehicles will also be used anytime to run any company operation. This will account for the availability of quick and easy transportation that will ease movements to various meetings among staff members within and outside the company.

Equally important, is the purchase of motor bikes to further enhance movements of the parcels and other documents to their respective destinations. The swiftness that come with motor bikes is highly advantageous and would salvage the delays as result of traffic jam. Motorcycles penetrate jams with a lot of ease thus transporting parcels on time. In terms of fuel consumption, motorbikes uses less fuel that will be economical to us. Maintenance is also not too expensive and would therefore be preferred to serve the organization in areas that vehicles cannot penetrate. This is an alternative that should be considered and implemented for the benefit of the company, clients and the staff members too. Moreover, the market also provides vehicles for hire. Vehicles from the various motor vehicles hiring institutions can be used in the event that the company do not purchase its own. The hired vehicles are swift enough to enable the required movements within and outside the organization especially marketing and sales of the organization. The hired vehicles operates on certain timelines and can therefore be convenient and fast to use.

Kindly note that the criteria for the evaluation of the solutions I have proposed above includes the effectivity, convenience, availability and swiftness of the method chosen. Effectivity ensures that the method chosen impacts positively on the operations of the organization. Convenience is to ensure there is no unnecessary delays in movements either within or outside the company. I would also like to bring to your attention that when purchasing vehicles for the company, our safety must be highly considered. The company must hire experts to inspect and ascertain the stability of the vehicles as well as the motorbikes. This will ensure that the organization purchases very stable vehicles in good condition.

The most effective mode of transportation should therefore be considered for implementation. The other important criterion to consider is the cost of operation and maintenance. The chosen method should be cost effective, that is, it should not be too expensive to an extent of interfering with the normal operations of the company. Note that a method might be convenient but too expensive to be implemented. We should thus go for the best but fairly priced. As much as the company should purchase vehicles or motorbikes or hire both, its imperative to acknowledge that these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before implementation.


- vehicle Purchasing Motor Bike Purchasing Hiring Motor Vehicle;

- remains an organizational asset afterwards Becomes an organizational asset afterwards While on hire is handled as an organizational asset;

- ould be very timely since the company controls its operations Is also timely because it is handled by the organization When on hire is managed by the organization and therefore very timely;

- is very effective since the organization controls all the vehicle operations The motor bike operations are controlled by the organization making it very swift and effective The hiring company ensures that its services are effective enough by providing relevant and effective services;

- rcheap since the destination and fuel consumption are controlled by the organization The fuel consumption and the mileage are controlled by the organization making the services relatively cheap. Is purely controlled by the hiring organization and hence the hiring organization does not incur fuel charges and other charges but only pays the fixed charge allocated;

- the resultant benefit to the organization is more profits Results into more organizational profits Leads to more profits to the organization unlike the public transportation system.


- motor Vehicle Purchasing Motor Bike Purchasing Motor Vehicle Hiring;

- the Vehicle Maintenance might be very expensive The motor bikes are easy to maintain but may break down or develop technical complications in areas where it would not be easy to tackle The terms of hiring may mean that the organization becomes responsible for damages and any mechanical problems developed by the vehicle while on hire;

- the vehicle purchase would mean that the company hires or employs drivers which would be expensive Not all the staff may know how to ride the motor bikes yet employing or hiring the riders would be expensive Generally, hiring of motor vehicles is relatively expensive as compared to other means of transportation;

- the cost of the vehicle would also be quite expensive depending on the number of vehicles to be bought The cost of the motor bikes might be fair enough but the amount of bikes bought determines the final cost of the bikes, which is expensive Vehicle hiring is one big liability to the company that consumes a lot of funds.

The most appropriate method to solve the transportation problem is by examining the proposed methods outlined above in order to realize the most convenient and cost effective one to use. The three alternatives should be examined based on their strengths and weaknesses and their impacts on the operations of the organization. The method opted for should be one that generates more income to the organization by reducing the costs of transportation while maximizing the profits realized.

The organization therefore, requires a sound mind in determining the best means through which it would come up with the most appropriate transport means. I suggest that the means of transportation to be used should be thoroughly discussed within the organization, across all staff members and other important sectors in order to generate various ideas in the organization.

The solution preferred after examining the proposals is to purchase vehicles for the organization. Purchasing the vehicles for the organization adds to the organizational assets. Secondly, the vehicles controlled by the company would be convenient and timely and in order with the marketing targets set to be exhausted. This gives a platform for the organization to exercise its authority and determine when and how to transport goods and services without depending on other external factors. The vehicles might be expensive to purchase but in the long run, the company will benefit from their services. The transportation of company goods and services is also safer when company owned vehicles is used. This is because the goods will be handled cautiously since the persons handling them are aware of their conditions and the terms of the company operation. Goods delivery will also be timely because the vehicles are destined to specific locations unlike public transportation that moves and stops severally.

Finally, purchasing vehicles to run the affairs of the organization is very significant and should be treated as an urgent need within the organization. As I have highlighted above, I believe that when the company implements this proposal, the movements of our marketers, staff members and even the executive members will not be inconvenienced at all. Our goods and services will be transported to their respective destinations on time and safely. If this proposal is fully implemented, then the transportation menace within the company will be solved completely. The staff members will never strain or give excuses for not doing their jobs in time. I believe this will also provide an opportunity for the outsourced services to be monitored and only the best embraced in the organization.


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