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China will always be on the forefront when it comes to trade because of the benefits of doing business with them. Some of these advantages include business incentives, cheap labor costs, and increased productivity. The Chinese culture differs from that of other nations in many ways but for one to succeed in doing business in China one needs to know how to conduct themselves among the Chinese nationals. Hence, it is important to familiarize with their culture and etiquette.

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The Chinese people have a business mentality and they and expect one to come for a meeting well prepared. So in the case of presenting to the proposal, one is to carry more than enough copies of their proposals for handing out (Home, n.d). Moreover, the material should be in white and black and not in colored prints. They appreciate the patience and so they usually have small talks at the start of their meetings and hold several other consecutive before closing a deal for bargaining purposes and also to allow them to build a healthy relationship with their intended business partners. Also, they value leadership and therefore they enter meeting rooms in a hierarchical order.

When it comes to dress code, person appearance during a business meeting is crucial. They consider clothes with bright colors to be inadequate. So men wear casual suits while for women they are not to show much skin so wearing of short dresses and skirts are not acceptable (Chinese Business Culture, n.d). Also, jeans are not acceptable in business meetings. They observe punctuality and according to the Chinese business culture lateness is a serious offense. At the end of a meeting, the guests are to leave the room before their Chinese counterparts.

During the meeting, exchanging of business cards is a significant part in trading and the cards are to be in the Chinese language on the back and English on the front side. A card printed in gold ink signifies prosperity and prestige. Moreover, while giving it out, it is advisable to do it with both hands with the end written in Chinese facing the recipient. To add on that, presenting of gifts during meetings is against the Chinese business policy. The Chinese business culture considers such gestures to be bribery and hence illegal in their state.

Apart from that, when in contact with the Chinese nation it is important that they be the first to give their hands. They are conscious of their body language and movements, so it is important for one to stay calm and collected. According to Cultural Tips for Doing Business in China (n.d), the emphasis on one's body posture is essential as it is a demonstration of respectfulness and self-control. So they consider actions such as biting of nails, putting hands in the mouth, removing food stuck in the teeth or other similar activities to be rude.

In conclusion, China is a unique country which follows standard set in a business culture and etiquette. The country is a homogenous one and not susceptible to change. For an individual or a firm planning to expand into China it is essential for them to learn the Chinese customs. When doing business with the Chinese communication, appearance and behavior are some of the important factors to keep in mind. Their way of life is different from other countries but to have a successful business in China respecting their point of view is very necessary.


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