Micro Skills: Analysis of Agency

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Q1) List the organizations name, address and phone number.

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The name of our Agency is Micro Skills. Our address is 235 Dixon Road and our phone number is (416) 247-7181.

Q2) Agency vision, mandate and mission statement

Mission statement.

Our Agencys primary mission is to assist unemployed persons in the society giving priority to the youth, women, immigrants and racial minorities make the necessary steps towards self-sufficiency. We aim to assist them acquire the necessary skills that the require to achieve social, economic and political equity.

Our Vision.

Our agencys vision is to help out individuals in building a better future, a goal that can be achieved through:

Maintaining excellent service and integrity in our business activities.

Constantly improve and grow our programs.

Leading the way with quality services to our clients.

Develop and maintain community relationships

Continually develop and motivate our personnel.

Q3) Does your organization have an anti discrimination policy? If so how do, they help? Attach first page of agency policy. If not do you think your agency should have such policy explain?

Currently, our agency does not have an anti discrimination policy. However, our dedicated managerial team is working towards creating such a policy. Discrimination in the workplace can hinder the provision of quality services to the customers. It can also lower the potential of the workers by making them feel less of themselves

Q4) Attach copy of agency organizational chart as an appendix? How does this chart help you better understand your agency?

Our companys organizational chart clearly outlines our management hierarchy, ensuring that our workers clearly understand the flow of information and their respective roles.

Q5) Describe the organization culture of your agency that you have observed (include specific examples)

I can describe our organization as a bottom down organization. Most of our front-line workers, are responsible for dealing with our clients and their needs. Our Youth Counselors work directly with our clients to set their goals and helping them determine their own outcome. Most of our youth workers assist our clients by giving them recommendations, which they can either choose to follow or not. However, our counselors work hard to ensure that our clients get all the help they can get to overcome their issues. Our goal is to help our clients to make their own decisions and be responsible for them.

Q6 Describe the population served by your agency?

The majority of our clientele range from youths, with most of them being below the age of 35 and women. However, our good number of our clients also come from racial minority groups and immigrants

Q7) Describe the programs and services offered by your agency?

Community development and resident engagement. This program aims to bring together local residents through capacity building and provision of support for community led initiatives aimed at solving societal issues. Our community development work brings together local residents to take collective action and create solutions to common issues. Our key programme, Rexdale, was aimed at strengthening the local communitys resilience as well as supporting their wellbeing whilst acting as a trustee for community raised funds

Women services. Our Women Services has provided a way to assist women to find suitable livelihoods that can sustain them in the future. By providing them with in areas of skills trade, self-employment and information technology these women can be enabled to better participate in the labour market. This year, our programs have encompassed such areas as professional development, mentoring, access to career and employment counselling among others.

Youth services. Our Agencys Youth Services aims to promote healthy growth and development of youth, with most being between the ages of 13 to 29. These youths face various challenges; a fact our numbers can back up. In 2015/2016, 2,527 youth from underserved communities in the area of North Etobicoke had participated in one or more of our programs. Our Youth programs are unique because they offer a wide variety of programs which promote education and future career success and creating a sense of self-confidence and social development in the youth

Newcomer services. Our Agencys Newcomer Services help all newcomers, from refugees to immigrants to have a sense of belonging and be fully engaged in all areas of the society. Statistically, our programs have given 2,358 newcomers the opportunity to fit into the Canadian society in the previous years. This year alone, 1,326 newcomers have benefited from our Language Training and Skills Development, 564 newcomers in our Labour and Self Employment programs, 468 in our Settlement and Support Services, and 347 in Welcoming Community initiatives. Our Agencys childrens services cater for those newcomers with children aged between 18 months to12 years.

Q8) Describe partnerships your agency has with other agencies, organizations, institutions and community stake holders?

Our agency has formed partnerships with a variety of institutions that include the following; organizations such as Status of Women Canada, Canadian Womens Foundation, Ontario Womens Directorate, and government ministries such as the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Affairs, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, City of Toronto-Ontario Works, and Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade/Affairs.

Q9) Describe the agencies source of funding? Explain how funding is allocated across programs and services?

Our greatest financial support has been and still remains the three levels of government who continue to funds up to 81% of our revenue. These funds facilitate the programs and services that we provide to the community. Our Agency is also a member of the United Way of Greater Toronto and York Region and they continue to give us the support we need to continue with our charitable cause. We also receive funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, City of Toronto-Ontario Works, and Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade

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