Psychology Essay on Infant Development

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The article claimed that there are significant influences that mothers present their children which are completely different from the impact of the fathers. In the first 17 months of infant development, the quality of infant-mother relationships was a significant influence on the language development while the infant-father relationship was impacted the motor control of the child. Additionally, other social influences like maternal postnatal post-traumatic disorder and maternal prenatal depression had an impact on the cognitive and language development of the child.

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Physical infant characteristics often present other important influences in the development of infants. The characteristics that infants present are sometimes influenced by the parental mental health. Sleep disturbance can, however, e a result of prenatal and postnatal child behavioral problems or even mental health. The parents choice of care offers the children a better chance at proper development. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the childs safety is kept consistent.

Parents are the primary social group of infants. The parent-infant relationship has an important impact on the infants development. It was noted that each parent has a resulting influence on the development of a child. However, research indicates that the mother holds especially powerful influence on the infant development. Anxiety and even depression are moods that affect the infant's perception and hence their cognition and even undermine their language development.

The environment in which people raise their children also has an important influence on the growth and development of infants. One of the most important contributions of a good environment is the couples relationship. Spouses are required to strive for a happy and satisfactory life. Anxiety or depressions built up in the relationship often manifests itself in the parent-infant relationship. In addition to this, the conflicts between parents often create some emotional insecurity in their child.

The perceptions of human lifespan and infant development have grown a great deal. Research continues to improve the understanding of human development from infancy to adulthood and eventually death. Infant development, in particular, is a valuable stage in the life of individuals. The cognitive skills and competencies they gain in life are important to the overall productivity. In this sense, there is value in examining the issues in infant development and address any issues that may be overlooked.

Psychological development is another important issue that is discussed in the paper. Pre- natal and post-natal depression have adverse effects on the cognitive, emotional and language development of children. These issues often come as a result of relationship conflict or drastic changes in life. Either way, the resulting impact often undermines the development of children in these three forms. Mental health during pregnancy improves the outcomes of a child about learning capacities.

To carry out the research, 41 families were involved in the research. They gave their input on child development at three-time points during early child development. The researchers, however, did not violate the privacy or dignity of these families as they did observe the stipulated ethical standards in carrying out their research. The research was evaluated and approved by the NHS Research Ethics Committee. The University Research Governance Committee also approved the research. In this sense, the project was validated as safe. In the past, failure of ethical assessments has led to the abuse of subjects sometimes even undermining the dignity of the subjects. It, therefore, protects all participants in the research.

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