Benefits of a Nursing Scholarship

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One of the main benefits of a school of nursing scholarship is the financial help that one gets from the programs. Higher education is increasingly becoming pricier. I would benefit from the Nursing scholarship program by the financial support I would obtain from the program. This would free up my personal finances. While the sponsorship addressed my educational needs, my personal finances would address my personal needs. For instance, I would be able to afford accommodation that would provide me with the best learning environment. Having my personal finances focused on my needs rather than the tuition fees would provide me with the comfort needed to complete the course.

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I would also benefit from a nursing scholarship in that I would be able to focus on my education knowing that my tuition fees have been paid. Having the peace of mind and knowledge that my education tuition has been paid in full will provide me with an excellent chance to pursue my studies with vigor. The benefit of such a state of mind is that I become effective in my studies. With my effectiveness in the studies come good grades which would directly result in a good job after completing the schooling process. Therefore, it is clear to see that the scholarship would play a vital role in ensuring I obtain the best grades possible as I would be focusing on my education in comparison to focusing on the source of the tuition fees.

The scholarship will also allow me to select the college that I will attend. This is a vital benefit of the scholarship program as schooling in a college that I have chosen myself would provide me with the motivation I need. The scholarship program allows the student to determine he college that would be best suitable to their needs. For instance, with regards to the location of the college, I would be able to select a college that is suitable to my accommodation needs. I would also be able to select a college that suits other needs such as close proximity to educational amenities such as libraries.

The scholarship program is also beneficial to me because of the experience I would obtain from the practice. Other than the theoretical classes, the scholarship provides me with an opportunity to practice through internships. The benefit of this strategy is that I get to experience firsthand the theoretical lessons learnt in class. Therefore, the scholarship would be providing me with an opportunity to obtain experience in the practice of my career. Experience is a crucial element in the learning process of any student. It is also one of the key elements that employers may look for when hiring professionals. Therefore, the scholarship will have increased my value as a professional. The scholarship program provides me with the opportunity to obtain different kinds of help that would be difficult to obtain otherwise. The quality of education as well as the experiences that I would obtain from the learning process would increase my value within the nursing profession. Therefore, the nursing scholarship would provide me with an opportunity to access high quality education. Without the scholarship, it would be difficult to access high quality education.

Responsibility and Accountability

One of the ways in which I would exhibit responsibility and accountability is via owning my actions both as a student and a nursing professional. This is a critical character trait that ensures I uphold my standing as a reliable professional. Owning up whenever my actions lead to negative results will allow me to learn from my mistakes. Owning up for my actions when they lead to positive results will also put me in the lime light as an exemplary individual. Therefore, this would be a trait that would benefit me in all ways possible.

I would also exhibit accountability and responsibility by exercising my skills with an aim of functioning within and beyond my competency levels. This will allow me to implement my responsibilities within a legal framework. However, it would also allow me to provide the best service to those who will expect it from me. Such a character trait would also ensure that I become a better student in that I would learn more about my profession. I would not wait on my teachers/lecturers to give me a scope in my studies. The other strategy that I would implement that would exhibit responsibility and competency on my part includes regular personal assessment. The benefit of having such a habit is that I would be able to track my performance as both a student and as a nursing practitioner. This would provide me with the capacity to identify the steps that I would have to take if I were to improve the quality of results. It would also help me identify my weaknesses.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are essential for anyone expecting to practice nursing. I have had the opportunity to implement my critical thinking skills though one of my experiences at home. Having an asthmatic relative can be a worrying situation. This is because some of the most difficult incident occurs late at night. One such incident occurred when a cousin was visiting our residence. My parents had taken their time while shopping late in the evening. Therefore, I was the only young adult within the house premises. The cold weather had increased my cousins susceptibility to an asthmatic attack.

I could clearly see that my cousin was having difficulty breathing. Upon asking her whether she had her inhaler close by, she passed out. This was preceded by heavy wheezing. The little training I had at school allowed me to step in and perform first aid on her. I coordinated my siblings to start checking her belongings for the inhaler as one other sibling called the emergency services. On the other hand, I was loosening my cousins clothes and performing CPR on her. This helped my cousin to breath even with the clogging of her bronchi.

One of my siblings was able to find the inhaler in time. I used it to help my cousin relive the clogging. The emergency health services arrived in time to perform some checks on my cousin. After providing some quick checks, they suggested taking her to the hospital for more checkups. My parents were surprised at how well I handled the situation without panicking. What surprised them the most was how I did not bother them with frantic calls until the situation was addressed. I figured that calling my parents would not be reasonable as they were not the source of the needed solutions. That is why I chose to coordinate my siblings effort in finding the inhaler and calling the emergency services. It was through my quick critical thinking skills that I was able to save my cousins life.

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