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Having a chance to study in one of the best universities in the UK for an undergraduate program requires one to complete the UCL preparatory course because there is no direct admission to the undergraduate program. I have the passion of continuing with my education beyond my current level, and this course will serve me as the best avenue. The course requires one to have particular qualities, which I am confident that I have. The experiences that I have had in life and my previous academic abilities are the backbone of my personal drive to apply for this course because they make me a suitable candidate. My friends describe me as an unruffled, serene, and self-controlled individual, who can become a good leader once given a chance. These qualities have enabled me to be considered as a leader in various activities that I have taken part.

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I have been an active Judo club for seven years and doing this period; I was awarded almost 50 medals. Additionally, because of my ability to lead, my sensei identified and rewarded me as his assistant. Through that, I came to realize the importance of exposing ones skills as this represents the best strategy for personal development. Another level of involvement in the club was seeking for potential clients and participating in its promotional activities with the primary aim of making it the most popular in Kosova. Therefore, I will have to contribute to this course the element of expressing one's talent because of its proven benefits.

I also participated and won the MACPro Project Olympiad that was highly competitive. The project is significant to the future of the country as it focused on the efficient utilization of electric energy and were cheap, little difficulties in its installation, and environmental friendly. During the presentations, I expressed my ability to influence people because they were held separately and live. My outstanding performance enabled me to be chosen as the Republic of Kosovos representative in one of the renowned high school Olympiads, Genius Olympiad.

After the completion of this course, I intend to pursue management program. The current circumstances in my country are the driving forces that make me prefer a management program in place of the many available. My country has been in conflict with Serbia, and the political and economic crisis facing the country can be solved by having sound management skills, and I wish to take part in finding a long-term solution.

Poor management has primarily influenced the problems that Kosovo faces. They include an increase in the number of refugees, decline in the industrial sector, mismanagement of international monetary funds, and lack of employment opportunities. As a result, the citizens have been forced to look for employment by joining UN missions. All these adverse conditions are attributed to poor management, and this is my primary reason for planning to take the course.

As a worthy citizen, it is necessary to be a solution seeker than causer. I have been expressing my management abilities from childhood, and the main one is when we could not afford everything in the house. I had to come up with a cost-cutting and efficiency strategy. As a result, some resources remained that enabled me to attain a quality private education, making it one of my greatest achievements at a tender age.

Through the experiences and the ambition that I have for a management program, I hope that my application will be considered, as this will be the primary avenue to achieve the dream.

I will be glad to hear from you and in case you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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