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World War II is recognized as one of the global war that lasted from the year 1939-1945, though some of the conflicts which were related the war began some years earlier. World War II involved different major world countries with high powers being one of them. World War 2 was contagious, and its broad spread included more than one hundred million individuals who were members of more than thirty countries. Chronologically, the beginning of the war in Europe is identified to be on first September nineteen thirty-nine, starting with the Germany getting into Poland; this action later resulted into France and Britain declaring war against Germany as a nation. Ignited by the invasion of Poland by Adolf Hitler, the second world war would have prolonged to six bad years to the end defeat of both Japan and Nazi Germany during 1945(Eubank, 1992). World War two was one of the worst wars in history since it led to severe loss territories, wealth and even life of many innocent lives.

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Why World War 2 Happened

The exact primary reason that led to World War 2 cannot be accurately identified, though some of the events that are believed to be the cause of World War 2 involves. The additional reason was victory of Japan which was unexpected against Russia Czarist, during the time of Japanese- Russo war, in the period of 1904 to the end of 1905. This gave room for the expansion of Japanese in the territory of Pacific and Asia. Additionally, the developed plan by United States, for their preparation of Naval war in 1890 with Japan continually evolved into technology advancement competition and acted as a leverage for the United States in the world War 2.notable the great depression was actually experienced in the 1930 a period where some great nations like Italy, Japan and Germany came up with dangerous nationalist feelings that created expansion desire (Beevor, 2012). Some of the competing ideologies by then led to the increasing of international tension larger countries like Germany, Australia and Italy. Some of the propaganda, raised by Hitler came up with a prediction on the general European war that would result in Jewish race extermination.

Changes in history that came about as a result of world war

World War two was one of the dramatic wars and the most unpopular and turf war that is hard to handle as a consequence of the modernization of weapons which were arising by then. The Second World War is part of the major historical events that contributed heavily to the development of 20th and 21st century. The war was a significant contribution to the development of technology and even laid the major pillar that allowed for individual changes that were associated with post-war social changes. Some of the important changes included the civil right movement in the United States, the end of colonialism by the European, the program for exploring the outer space, as well as the modern womens rights movement. Additionally, World War 2 ended the European dominance in the world affairs, with an emergence of democracies which were more stable, associated with political freedom moments in Australia, Japan, and Italy. Notably, Israel was later established as a state and massive transfer of scientist to go and work in the United States because of the operation like Nazism, paperclips as well as significant amount of funding that was directed to improve technology and science. Lastly, Second World War led to the split of the eastern and western half through the Iron Curtain with the advent of nuclear age continuing.


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