Paper Example on Using Social Psychology to Understand a Story from the News

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Sources of news in the contemporary society use psychological concepts and strategies to catch the attention of the readers. Stories from News are conveyed in a way that elicits reader's reaction. Through stories in News people often form public opinions or change their attitudes towards a given subject or person. The US and the world recently witnessed a historic presidential election that went against the expectations of many. Many people in the US and other parts of the world least expected Donald Trump to emerge victorious. Some people are even finding it to accept the new president-elect and some have taken to the streets across cities in the US to express their anger and disappointment with the electoral results.

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This paper will analyze an article that was authored by Lydia O'Connor and Daniel Marans on 29th Feb 2016 and published in The Huffington Post. The article gives examples of Trump's racist comments and actions. Donald Trump has often been accused of various scandals that portray him as racial, sexists and homophobic. Social psychology can be used to explain the events that surrounded Trump's campaign. As pointed earlier, the allegations made against the president-elect were meant to alter people's attitudes towards Trump. The contemporary society preaches about the racial tolerance, rights of women and equal treatment of all people and thus portraying Trump as racist and sexist were meant to persuade not to vote for him.

Terms from social psychology can be used to explain the events and stories that surrounded Trumps campaigns. The first word that can use to explain the stories is cohesiveness. In social psychology cohesiveness means the "we-feeling" that bonds a group together. All minority groups and women felt they were subject to Trumps unfair treatment and attacks. The stories in News in a way caused conflict between Trump and the groups that felt that he viewed or treated them in a manner that lowered their dignity. The second term from social psychology that can be used to explain News about Trump's comments and attitudes towards some groups is confirmation bias. Many news articles and headlines sought to look for evidence all over to portray Trump as a racist, sexist or homophobic without analyzing the context in which Trump aired his opinion.

The elections in the US have shown that maybe Trump is not as bad as portrayed by stories in the News. Stories in News represented Trump as unfit to be the president of the greatest country on earth. The question that arises from the News that seemed to discredit Trump as a good presidential candidate is; if Trump is as a bad as portrayed by stories in News why did people in America vote him as their next president. The perceptions about the president-elect can be changed through News that post about his positive side or his achievements. The stories in News have often been biased posting about the few negative comments that the Trump is accused of making. The News rarely post about the achievements of Trump and focusing on his negative side has considerably helped to shape the public opinion about him. The truth of the matter is that Trump is the next president of the US and those portraying him as "not my president" need to wake up to the reality that there is nothing they can do about his election. Stories in News can help people accept the elections results if they post about Trump's manifesto that will make US great again.

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