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What are your companys approach and values associated with social media?

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Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping website engines; it has successfully conducted its online retail business for its retail products over the years. The companys main approach strategy is its regular presence and prompt feedback across all of its social media avenues. Given that this is an online retail company, the company has created its market presence through the various social media venues. It has over 30 million likes on Facebook, over 130 million followers on twitter and shares the photos for its various products and goods via Pinterest (Hanson, 2016). Its presence across all these social media venues confirms the fact that Amazon supremacy is credited to its huge number of followers and likes present across all the social media venues.

What is the goal of your company's social media presence?

The major goal of Amazon presence in social media is to market and retail its goods to online consumers and customers. Amazon considers social media as the only avenue that can reach out to a multitude of customers equally and market its products and goods (Peltier-Davis & King, 2015). The company safeguards its social media goal by employing credible, qualified personnel to manage its social media platforms and attend to a wide number customers who make periodical online orders. Social media presence is a strategic marketing avenue that the company uses to retails its wide variety of goods, for example, the company uses its twitter account to retail its goods directly, it offers the buyer an option of adding the goods to a shopping cart and process payments at the later time.

How does your companys use of social media compare to its competitors?

Amazon use of social media is distinctive to its wide variety of competitors in the market. Amazon uses the social media avenues to post photos of its wide variety of products to different online customers using these platforms. In addition, amazon uses social media to respond to questions and concerns from the online customers and act upon appropriately (Langlois, 2014). Compared to other competitors, amazon ensures that bundled promotions on specified set of goods are done during major dates on the calendar.

How should the success of a social media presence be measured?

The success of social media presence can be measured by the volume of goods and products being retailed via social media over time. More so, a questionnaire should be set for online buyers to fill-in on where they got information about the company (by social media or website), this is the only certain means of measuring the success of this company. The success of an online retail company in social media means that more and more number of customers will be referred to the company through social media and hence increasing its volume of sales thus success (Gossieaux & Moran, 2010).

How might social media use present ethical problems for your chosen company?

The use of social media as a marketing and retail channel for amazons huge volumes of goods can present a few ethical problems. Some of the major ethical problems are lack of decorum and use of vulgar or abusive language when attending to clients; this affects the credibility of the company (Gillin & Schwartzman, 2011). It is important for the company to put in place competent and trained personnel to manage and run their social media accounts in order to avert possible emergence of ethical problems.

What is one way that demographics, global presence, or diversity might impact your companies' choices about social media use?

The presence of over 2 billion people across the globe using social media platforms contributes to the companys strategy of using these platforms to market and retail its goods. The more the presence of a huge number of individuals using social media, then the more amazon will consider marketing its goods through this option.


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