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Traffic jams have been a major problem in most of our cities. As a result, the possibility of accidents is high due to because of poor traffic management. However, some solutions can be put in place so as to maintain real growth in the main cities. Various cities have improper lane management which is an essential fact in managing traffic in a city. Sometimes you can see vehicles trying to overtake even in a single undivided road thus causing congestion. The city should come up with strict lane management initiative. As such, the road should be marked with different lanes for different cars to limit unnecessary overlapping and at the same time, the law should be imposed. For instance, the financial penalty should be imposed on those drivers who will be found not adhering the lane discipline. As such, the driver will be forced to obey the rules as they fear being penalized or fined for breaking the set rule.

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The city should make sure it encourages public transport by building Bus Rapid Transport, Metro rails, and monorails in various parts of the city. Bus rapid transport provides an alternate transport facility for commuters. Notably, a separate lane should be constructed for buses alone so as to reduce the load on various roads within the city. Most of the people own cars and are not willing to use public transport since there is no proper public transport put in place. Due to higher purchasing power of the public, the popularity of private transportation is increasing, but the current roads are not are not supportive or being upgraded to meet such as increase. As a result, the congestion on the main roads is becoming uncontrollable, hence encouraging public transport means that people will have an option of leaving their cars at home thus reducing the number of vehicles on the road. For example, personal carries three to five people yet the car is taking more space. With the introduction of buses, over dependency on private vehicles will lessen. Encouraging of public transport will not only reduce congestion but also reduce unnecessary cost within an economy as this individual will save on the cash that would have used to fuel their respective cars. Furthermore, a lot of fuel consumed when these vehicles are on traffic jam are drastically reduced. If big and luxurious buses are introduced, individual will lose the interest of other means of transport because of cheapness.

A private investor should be invited to share the burden through the launching of Mass Transit System which will help in carrying more people by using fewer vehicles. The priority for the city is to maximize the current resources by implementing effective traffic management system. For instance, for ferrying fifty employees of an organization, fifty-Two Wheeler, 25 auto rickshaw, 20 cars will be needed, but one bus can transport all of them. This attracts economy of scale hence less fuel will be required to carry more people as compared to the fueling of the particular car to ferry the passengers. This will not only help in the reduction of congestion but also the reduction of cost. The city should also discourage roadside parking by constructing more designated parking sites within the city. Illegal parking has been a key contributing factor of congestion in towns. One of the primary reason of on-road traffic parking as it narrows already the existing narrow roads and this is an area where the city should focus. The public service vehicles should only be allowed to pick and drop passengers at designated destinations. The expansion of the road is expensive while the existing one is narrow, in this case, the public management board should make sure that the wideness of the existing lanes in maintained to avoid on the coast that could have been incurred in expanding the existing roads and highways. Additionally, adequate parking facilities should be made available in various places within the city. It is evident that different cities lack enough places to allow the vehicles to move freely

The city should widen the road as a way reducing traffic congestion. Wider roads will accommodate more vehicle at any given time. For instance, one lane road entering the city should at least be expanded to three or two lanes. Widening of roads will easy traffic and commuters will reach their various destinations on time and save on fuel cost. Stopping and starting engines in traffic jam burns more fuel at a higher rate as compared to driving on an open road. After widening of important roads within the city, the missing link of an important road should also be connected. Some populated areas car around the city does not have vital links with a nearby highway. Individuals in various areas travel for longer distances to reach their respective destination. Connecting the links of some essential roads can save both time and money and enhance the current traffic problem.

Traffic congestion in a city can be managed through reduction of traffic (demand) or increasing the road capacity (supply). Some ways can be used to enhance the ability of the major highway and roads within the city. Adding new lanes to existing roads or constructing new ones can provide alternative routes thus easing congestion. This congestion mitigation method helps in reducing severe congestion along a roadway. The additional lanes increase the carrying capacity of personal and public service vehicle. The newly created road draw more cars from the congested main highway thus enhancing the easy flow of people on the nearby network. The city should also focus on managing traffic to increase road capacity by controlling access to freeways. Construction of flyover, roundabouts, and underpass which provides more lanes also enhances the ability of the roadway. Since flyovers are access controlled, they can eliminate chances of congestion. Vehicles will be able to move on the road and the flyover at the same time, and this reduces road congestion. Land acquisition and cost are key factors in the construction of flyovers and roundabouts.

Reduction of demand can be used to reduce traffic jam in a city. The reduction aims at discouraging the public from the use of roads to lessen the number of vehicles on the road. After the city has come up with various ways of enhancing smooth movement of commuter i.e. by building rapid bus transport, the city management can embark on making most of the car owners to leave their vehicle at home and impress this initiative. To achieve this, the city should come up with various strategies such us parking restriction. When parking is restricted, individuals will find it hard to use their private vehicles and this forces them to leave their car at home. This is an economical move as the city do not incur any cash since it is a matter of just imposing the rule.

The city can also introduce road toll and make individuals pay for the road that used to be free. The benefit of road toll is that the burden shifted to users but not the local taxpayers. People do waste a lot of money as a result of getting stuck in traffic. However, when some of the drivers decide to take toll road option, they drastically reduce traffic on the throughway highways. The use of tolls to assist in internalizing the congestion externality will somehow minimize the number tips made by individual on some of the most congested road in a city during peak hours. Some people might decide to use less congested roads, and others will be discouraged to pay twice. Apart from reducing congestion, toll road allows a vehicle to move at high speed which is more fuel efficient. Industries incurs a lot of costs as a result of traffic delays. However, the introduction of tolls will save time and money by positively influencing productivity and economic vitality. The introduction of e-shopping and home based working will minimize the number of individuals traveling. As such, the congestion costs that we impose on each other will drastically reduce. Lastly, the city should increase the number of traffic police as who are well trained up for the improvement of traffic management. This step will create employment opportunities for many

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