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1. A number of organizations exist to define information security standards. Explain the importance of standards organizations with regard to both information systems and information systems security. Provide a rationale for your response.

The first importance of security standards in organizations about both information systems and information system security is to outline the range of safety functions and features needed. Second, the standards manage information of the organization and human assets. Third, the standards assess and monitor security breaches and procedures that deal with security failures. Normally, the information system environment is a complex one that involves a vast number of storage systems, local networks, workstations, servers, and remote network connections. Tofan (2011) avows that information security standards demonstrate the manner in which organizations adapt to the best practices and procedures of the industry. The author adds that standards ensure organizations have the anticipated characteristics of products and services such as efficiency, reliability, quality, and interchangeability at an economical cost. Overall, with proper security standards, an organization can benefit from the best practices at an international level. Besides, it can assure their business processes with protection and satisfy their needs of activities.

2. From the e-Activity, determine two (2) specific concerns that you believe exist for cloud deployments, and ascertain whether data breaches, such as the Snowden Incident have heightened concerns. Justify your answer.

The two specific concerns that I believe exist for cloud deployments are security and data privacy. Customers have concerns on their protection and the reliability of services. Rosenbush (2013) articulates that Hightail is unable to comply with the governments demand to share data because it does not have the data. In regards to security, two industry research reports affirmed that the US cloud providers and the internet hosting as well as outsourcing companies could lose up to $180 billion worldwide during the next few years (Rosenbush, 2013). The reason for the shift is to avoid the surveillance net cast by U.S National Security Agency. Even so, the data breaches such as the Snowden Incident have not heightened the concerns. In fact, until the time of the incident, Rosenbush (2013) indicates that Hightail has not offered customers with the protection. Apparently, cloud deployments in companies have caused anxieties on their clients in regards to security and protection.


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