Role of Magazines in the United States of America

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Since time in memorial magazines have provided information and insights concerning several issues affecting the people around and the society in general. The television did not develop until 1949 when it was first launched. Until then, the magazine remained to be a great source of information and most advertisings and other fundamental information that needed to be passed on, was done in the journals. Though the television had begun by 1949, it had not diffused well in the life of Americans by then. During this time around the year 1949, the life magazine was at its peak of development and was the greatest source of information. The life magazine was launched in 1936, and in just a few weeks it was able to sell more than one million copies. Just before its first anniversary was completed, the magazine had sold over 1.7 million copies . This was a clear indicator of the fact that most Americans were hungry for information and were willing to go any extends to get it. This is just one example given because by then there were still other magazines. The development of technology was a significant contributor to the advancements made in the life magazine. The motion pictures and interesting topics covered in the magazine played a great role in ensuring that the magazine maintained its high sells. In this article, after a critical analysis of the almost twenty-five publications produced between July and December, we take the time to analyze the life magazine since July 1949 to December 1949 with issues concerning the development of technology and how its related to Americans today.

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In the first magazine of 4th July 1949, we find an article by Allen Fred who takes the time to analyze what he thinks of television. He shares his insights and findings concerning this issue. Through his sharing, we can realize that indeed a relationship exists between technology and an ordinary persons life. Fred who was one of the comedians on radio and later in that year worked as a host for the big shows on NBC, says that there is a significant difference in his life before and after the introduction of television. Fred writes and says that television might be among the greatest Medias that have been ever developed. Through television, he has been able to achieve what any person would have wished to attain as a comedian. In the same magazine, we find a story by Peter Sch LMB Olm who was the inventor of kettles and coffee makers. The process of which he went through to achieve the invention of the same is clearly outlined. The magazine explicitly discusses how the invention was going to benefit the people and among them was the reduction in the cost of production among other factors. The article brings out several issues to support the fact that technology and human development are interrelated. Its clearly evident that there is no doubt that technology, both in its process and quality aspects when it works in conjunction with human development is a high factor in economic development. Another issue covered by this magazine is the issue concerning the economy. The magazine explains that little productivity has led to the decline of the economy. On the other hand, it's evident that technology enhances its productivity and output. This would mean a better economy and hence better human lives.

Americans and industrial revolution have set the Americans on the path of appreciating technology and the advancements after that. Technology, from the overall analysis of the magazines, lead to reduced labor, enriched leisure, improved health and brought forth abundance. Technology has proved to propel the society forward in many ways. In cases where American encountered difficulties, they turned to technology to fix them. The magazine of July 11th, 1949, goes a great deal to explain how the sawed glaciers, of Alaska, were explored by Colonel Walter. This was a significant issue of concern during that time, and the exploration was meant to bring about a positive impact. The writer explains and says that there are positive findings that will lead to a clear solution of the same. The investigators look forward to employing technology to help come up with an appropriate solution. This would mean then better lives for the people of Alaska. In the same magazine, the writer talks about the tanky types of homes that were built in the Los Angeles and had improved the livelihood of the owners. The builders of the houses, Henry Kaiser and Paul Trousdale explain how they employed modern technology in the building of the houses. The writer ends by saying that this would add to the traffic congestion of the city in general . Technology here served to improve the living conditions of people at the same time cause trouble to the same individuals this is captured in the traffic congestion bit. In the same article about Yogi Berra, the writers explain why baseball pitchers get nervous and how this could be solved. The author says that listening to good music would help calm down the players. This is a technological advancement that then would have helped as it is by then, there were no portable music devices around.

Technology proves to have a significant impact on the everyday day-to-day lives of people. Television, radio, and telecommunication technologies are good examples of technologies that have become essential to our daily existence. In those years there was the creation of new information daily and their quick adoption into the American society. It was pretty clear that things were changing and one needed not to stroll out of their homes again to look for information. In the July 18th, 1949 magazine it is reported that new technology had helped in the discovery of oil mines in the rifles Colorado.

The impact of technology and its relation to America was enough evidence then. Right from the advertisings in the magazine, its manifestly evident that technology had taken its roots in the lives of Americans. We see several adverts in the magazines. On July 4th, 1949, the taming lotion is advertised, the following week on July 11th, 1949 ipana toothpaste is advertised, in the August 8th magazine the chignons soap is advertised. These are just a few among the many adverts that were taking place. It's, therefore, evident that the advertisements were causing a significant impact on the lives of many people and hence the numerous adverts forwarded by the manufacturing companies.

Technological development leads to significant discoveries in all sectors of life. It introduced more efficient ways to carry out things. All the way from the education sector, agriculture among others human beings have invented new ways to do things more efficiently. In the workplace, every business worked well as there began to be an efficient flow of information. Technology also proved to be cost effective in every way. New ways to accomplish tasks. Machines were able to do what would have taken ages to perform. The magazines contained some of the great discoveries that were exploited at that time. On December 12th of 1949, the magazine outlined that a study that was conducted showed delayed atomic bombs radiation effects delayed. The atomic bomb had been used by Germany in the wars, and this showed high impacts that had been caused by the same. In the November 14th magazine electric bulbs were being discovered and new modifications of the same taking place. The new electric lamps were meant to save on energy. In the same magazine, there is a report on how a deformed fish reveal radiation effects. This clearly explained that if the fish had been affected by radiation, then the humans consuming the fish were also to a greater extent affected by the same. More action is then called by the involved stakeholders to reduce the effects of radiation taking place. In another life magazine of the 26th September, two new discoveries had occurred due to technology. One of them was that animals were now able to grow in a sterile room at Notre Dame. The writer, Eugene Smith, says that new methods on how to sterilize a room had been discovered and were taking shape. This reduced the disease burden among the livestock hence better yields. Better return, in the long run, translates to better lifestyles of the people. In the same magazine, insect engineering is also covered, and the author goes ahead to explain how technology is being used to modify the bugs and bring out several modifications in the insects. This was later supposed to reduce the effects caused by the insects to humans. Technology advancements and Americans cannot be separated from all means. The invention of television in that year provided to be the greatest achievement of the year in the technology sector. There was easy access to information anytime and anywhere. The world started becoming a global village. On July 18th, 1949 the life magazine reported that the Japanese soldiers who were prisoners of war returned home. In the same publication on August 8th, 1949 records a photograph taken by life photographers of natives catching fish in funnel traps in Congo River. This is a clear indication that the world could now spread information more quickly than before. The information could either better or destroy human lives

All together social networking improved considerably for individuals and businesses. The companies also expanded a great deal. People were able to increase their advertising circles, and more people became aware of those products just as we had said earlier on. Improved entertainment meant better leisure time for the people of America. All this due to technological advancements. In the July 4th magazine, Fred Allen says that the invention of television served her a great deal as now she was able to reach more people and the quality of his comedies improved. Advancement in technology leads to entertainment also taking a new shape.

Furthermore, still, technology proved to be advancing so fast in the health sector. The more it advanced, the better this field became. New discoveries in the medical field were invented. The life magazine tackles some issues that were focused on during this time. On August 15th, 1949, the life magazine reported how polio causes infantile paralysis. Also on October 3rd the same magazine still gives reports on how children in Raymond Blank Memorial Hospital were being isolated. The article went ahead to discuss and say that there was a need for the intervention for polio. This solely depended on the advancements in technology. On October 24th, 1949, it was discovered that radio-iodine halts thyroid cancer as written by Beman Braunstein. This was a breakthrough in the field of health at that time. Later on, we still find many incidences in which advancements in technology have bettered human lives.

Efficiency and productivity improved with advancing technology. New discoveries were easily shared across the board. The life magazine outlines numerous advances that took place during this time and how among them is the development of technology encouraged creativity and innovation to take place. This of the fact that we talked about earlier on of secure access to information anytime. Also as they say necessity is the mother of invention. Many needs arose during this time, and hence people saw it of great importance to develop new technological advances that would solve the problem they were undergoing. There was a convenience in traveling. From the magazine of July 18, 1949, shows yet another crowded beach scene at Coney Island on the Fourth of July. This is a clear evidence of advancements in the transport sector hence people can gather together in one place and celebrate. Weather updates among others were determining the peoples traveling time, and there was a display of va...

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