Analysis of Letter from an American Farmer by Hector St. John de Crevecoeur

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Hector St. John de Crevecoeur asked significant questions that led to the discovery of the American man. In his article, “Letter from an American Farmer” Crevecoeur reflects on his life in Europe. In his article, it is apparent that American is the land of immigrants who flee their respective countries in such for freedom (Yu, 93). According to his research, America was a land of opportunities, and most people flee their hope land in pursuit of a good life. Notably, Crevecoeur uses his experience as an immigrant to record the responsibilities of the new immigrant. The purpose of this essay is to discuss responsibilities an immigrant and their importance for a young nation.

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Crevecoeur explains whom an immigrant perceives the new world and the potential opportunities available. Ideally, the works of Crevecoeur depicts personal touch with reality and life of the new man. He observed immigrants working in farms and venturing into lucrative businesses to make their lives better (Yu, 100). Notably, most immigrants to America were aggressive and acquired fertile land for farming. According to him, the immigrants felt energize to work on their land and enjoy the fruits of their labor. In this case, it is the responsibility of an immigrant to own land and work hard to reap from his labor. Crevecoeur exposes his minds regarding the simple procedure of acquiring land in America in the ancient time. According to Crevecoeur, the old American system of handling immigrants was desirable, and he recommends to the developing countries.

The land in America was spacious, and everyone had an exclusive right to own the land. Notably, Crevecoeur attributes the development in America to the flexible laws regarding land ownership and freedom to work and earn a living. The life of an immigrant in America helped Crevecoeur to paint a clear picture the responsibilities of an immigrant. It is evident in his work that when immigrant gets access to resources and freedom to work, it is possible to create a new society. Ideally, America has been a land where people seek for freedom, and there is evidence of prosperity.

It is the responsibility of immigrants to seek for freedom in all the spheres of life. As a new man, an immigrant has to remain aggressive and work hard fulfill the dreams. Often, visiting a new land requires one to understand the situation and reform according to the needs of the society. Crevecoeur records the difficulty of a new environment and the role of an immigrant in such cases. For example, an immigrant has a duty to tolerate the conditions in the new land and accept the transformations that lead to the success (Yu ,93) . Ideally, Crevecoeur explains the life in America and compare with his life and identity in Europe. In his former country, many, kings, and aristocrats would exploit the immigrant to the country. The life in Europe was hard, and it took long before Crevecoeur under the process of metamorphosis to adapt the life as an immigrant in America.

Crevecoeur holds that it the responsibility of an immigrant to work hard and leave a legacy. The idea of legacy was clear in the minds of Crevecoeur because he had lived in the two countries. In this case, he attributes the development in the country to the unity of purpose and strives to leave a legacy. Immigrants are new to the country and thus the need for rebirth into a new being (Yu ,97). Crevecoeur advocates for enterprising mentality among the immigrants. Notably, most immigrants to America were useful and fully employed in their firms. It is the attitude of prosperity and freedom that Crevecoeur advocates and holds them as desirable values of immigrants. In America, the fruits of the firms and freedom to own land were rewards to most immigrants in America.

The various responsibilities of an immigrant according to Crevecoeur are important to a young nation in many ways. First, the freedom to worn land, working hard, and striving to leave a legacy helps to boost the economy of a young nation. A young nation requires people who work hard to improve their standards of living. The economy of a developing country needs to invite aggressive investor who creates jobs for the citizens and help improve the state of the economy. A land is a factor of production, and thus young nations should put into a maximum usage to produce maximally. The immigrant to young countries needs freedom to use the resources in the country to provide safe to build the economy of the country.

In conclusion, it is evident in the easy that immigrant has many responsibilities. The responsibilities of a new man include leaving a legacy, working hard, owning land, transformation, and tolerance. The responsibilities of an immigrant according to Crevecoeur are paramount because to a young nation because they contribute to the development. For example, an immigrant to a young country should own a land, work in their firms, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The immigrant should tolerate the situation the new nations and transform to suit the new home.

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