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David Weekley Homes is a company that was started in 1976 in Houston, Texas. Its main purpose is building homes and ensuring that homebuyers have innovative floor plan designs. According to statistics, the company has been able to construct 65,000 new homes in several communities within sixteen cities. In addition, David Weekley Homes ranks among the large privately held home builders in the United States. In fact, Fortune magazine listed David Weekley Homes as one of the best companies to work for. The company provides services to 750 employees at an improved benefit enrollment with web functionality. The company is considered one of the best to work for because it provides key benefits to its employees. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the human resource issues related to the organization, particularly what the human resource departments expect from the employees of David weekly homes, the problems they face and what they go through.

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History of David Weekley homes, competitors and market share

David Weekley homes are a home building company which was founded by David M. Weekley in 1976. David M. Weekley began this company while he was at the age of 23. The company was started at Huston, Texas. The company has greatly grown and has expanded with an increased number of divisions. The company is currently considered as one of the largest companies in the home building industries which are privately owned. Some of the competitors of David Weekley homes include Heritage homes cooperation, Beazer homes USA, the Ryland Group, Hovnanian enterprises, KB homes, Pulte groups among others. Among its competitors, the company is considered to have a larger market share compared to its other competitors.

HR Expectations

In order to perform well, it is important for employees to know what exactly is expected of them (Collings & woods, 2009). For the case of David weekly homes Construction Company, the starting point of letting employees get to know what is expected of them is through placing a concise job description which will outline the tasks, essential functions of employees as well as their roles and responsibilities in the organization. David Weekley homes human resource department also does this through outlining the general areas of knowledge and skills that employees needs to have. This will be important in ensuring that the employees are successful in their jobs. As much as the company gives a job description, it is evident that the companys performance expectations are more that just a simple job description. There are various ranges of outcomes which the organizations use to evaluate the performance of employees.

The first aspect that the human resource department of David Weekley homes expects from its employees is a positive attitude. According to Mondy and Wayne (2014), the attitude that employees have affects the relationship that they have with the people they work with especially the supervisors as well as other co-workers. This also impacts the rate of tasks that employees can perform as well as the level of satisfaction that employees have within an organization. The human resource department of David Weekley expects a positive attitude from the employees because this greatly impacts the achievements of the goals and objectives of the organization. A positive attitude implies an improved performance among the employees and that employees can achieve the tasks that they are performing without complaints even tasks which are very tedious. Employees are expected to work with respect so that their performance can be as it is expected within the organization.

Within David weekly homes Construction Company, the employees are expected to be very dependable. Dependability implies that employees do what exactly they say they will also implies that other colleagues, as well as the supervisors and managers, are in an appropriate position to rely on the employees in the accomplishment of tasks which are related to their jobs (Ulrich, 2009). This, in other words, implies that the efforts that one employee puts should complement the efforts of other employees. In the case of David Weekley homes, the employees are supposed to question themselves on what are the components of success in their particular organization so that they work hard in order to exceed these expectations. Being a dependable person has benefits to both the employees as well as the organization because it makes an employee be highly valued.

Employees are also expected to be highly initiative within David Weekley homes. This implies that employees are always given the opportunities to do even more tasks apart from their assigned duties. Johnson and Goatee (2012), notes that taking the initiative to do things better for an employee provides an insight of who the employee really is. As a construction company, the human resource department of David Weekley expects their employees to be highly initiative. This will help boost the competition within the company and its other competitors, thus giving the organization a competitive advantage. Being initiative can be done through the initiation of new projects as well as developing new designs that will fit the organizations. Employees are expected to take each and every chance that they get so that they can initiate new projects. This is because new projects will have an impact on the employees and also taking up new projects acts as a chance to learn and develop new skills and talents. Being initiative also helps in building an excellent impression which exceeds the employers expectations. Initiative employees are usually flexible and always cheerful.

Cooperation is also another important aspect that the human resource department at David Weekley homes expects from its employees. Cooperation is one of the greatest assets that the employees are expected to have; it implies the ability of an employee to get along with other employees in order to help them succeed in their activities. An employee might not have all the skills required to do a job but getting along with other employees might be important in ensuring that the work environment is better. Cooperation is also important in the successful completion of projects which will help in the achievement of goals and objectives within the organization. There are also other attributes and expectations that employees should have which are in line with cooperation such as honesty and respect. These attributes are important in developing careers of employees as well as meeting the strategic goals and objectives within the organization (Collings & woods, 2009).

It is, therefore, clear that the human resource department of David Weekley homes also expects that its employees expect the jobs that they have been given with an open mind. This implies that employees should be able to learn from each other what is expected of them in the shortest time possible. This particular aspect applies to new employees. The department also expects employees to positively take instructions and that schedules should be followed accordingly (Ulrich, 2009). Schedules should be followed in terms of arrival at the workplace and also the time that employees are expected to leave their places of work. Honesty and professionalism are also another expectation that employees should meet while at David Weekley homes.

Issues with HR

As much as David Weekley Homes has an impressive performance especially in managing human resources, still there are some challenges that the organization has been facing within the human resource department. Generally, managing human resources can be challenging for most organizations. These challenges if not handled properly can result in various issues that might affect the performance of the organization and also make the organization not to meet its goals and objectives.

One of the most evident challenges that the human resource department at David Weekley has been facing is issues to do with retention especially for employees who are not permanent. Developing strategies to ensure that employee is retained within the organization becomes a major issue (Mondy & Wayne, 2014). Retention may affect the performance of the organization because it might result in time wastage when looking for employees to replace those who had left their vacant positions.

The human resource department has been facing the challenge of rapid change within the organization. Since the development of David Weekley Homes, the human resource department has been experiencing general challenges in trying to adapt to the changes. This is also hand in hand with the issue of Restructuring of the roles that employees have been having. Restructuring poses a challenge because employees might not be satisfied with the fact that they have been transferred from one department to another and also from one area to another (Johnson & Goatee, 2012). Restructuring of employees has been a major problem for the human resource department of the organization which has been leading to a lack of retention among employees. This has also been a challenge because in some cases it leads to lack of satisfaction among the employees thus resulting to a great challenge in meeting the goals and objectives of employees.

There are also individual challenges which have been causing problems to the human resource department at David Weekley Homes. Some of these individual challenges are related to productivity, brain drain, job insecurity, issues to do with ethics and social responsibility as well as matching people and the organizational goals and objectives(Ulrich, 2009). There is also the issue of workforce diversity that has been affecting the performance of the human resource department. This is mainly in terms of adoption of diversity policies that are important in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.

Another challenge that the organization has been facing in terms of management of the human resources is an investment in leadership development. According to Ulrich (2009), development of leaders within an organization needs to be a critical strategic issue. The human resource department of David Weekley is expected to come up with effective strategies and tools to develop new leaders. This becomes challenging because identifying the leaders becomes a problem. In the world of today, leadership management has been established to be one of the most critical strategies for any organization majorly because it helps in ensuring that the right employees are retained and also ensures that managers are equipped with the required leadership roles to take on the leadership of the organization. In most cases, developing these roles becomes a challenge for organizations especially David Weekley homes.

Another challenge that the human resource department at David Weekley homes has been facing is measuring the effectiveness of the human resource department. The main issue at hand is trying to improve the performance of the human resource department without using the designated tools to measure the effectiveness of the department. According to Johnson& Goatee (2012), using tools to determine the effectiveness of the human resource department brings a shift in the way the human resource department is viewed, that is from performing its administrative role or being considered as a purely strategic partner for the organization.

Since David Weekley homes is a global company, another common problem that the organization has been facing in most of its branches is compliance with laws. There are various laws governing the safety of businesses and how to apply them to the employees is usually a major concern for human resource departments (Mondy & Wayne, 2014). There is also...

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