Nike Competition in the Market

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Target Audience

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UV sleeves are currently the most popular amongst athletes who are outdoors and in the sun a lot, such as golfers, runners, and cyclists. Athletes prefer using UV sleeves instead of sunscreen because they are stronger than sunscreen and wont wash off or wear off after a couple hours. Athletes also prefer wearing UV sleeves instead of a long sleeve shirt because again they provide more protection and they feel cooler (as in temperature) to wear. Because of these benefits we want to expand this product to a new target market, which is women ages 20 to 30. We chose this target market for several reasons; first, this is the age when the most skin damage happens. Depending on how the skin is taken care of now will determine how the skin looks later on during womens 40s and 50s. Second, women at this age are very concerned with being healthy, looking attractive, and keeping their youth, which can all be helped by wearing UV sleeves. Lastly, these sleeves are easy to wear; they last and protect for a long time, and can be styled and turned into a daily accessory.

Competitors advertising message

The UV sleeve product market is subject to constant competition as various companies seek to expand their market share and ensure profit maximisation. Nike is currently facing stiff competition from both Recreational Equipment, Inc., commonly known as REI and Under Armour, Inc. Both competitors are currently running a multi-fronted advertising campaign which includes the use of print, video, and social media adverts. Under Armour adopts the use of professional athlete endorsements and adverts to create a market for their products. Brandon Byron Jennings is an example of an Under Armour marketing athlete. (Please refer to figure 1). Brandon is an American professional basketball player. He plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA) having previously won all major player of the year accolades in his senior year. Jennings represents the creme de la creme in his sport and is a good selection as one of the public faces of Under Armour. However, Jennings has had some scandals concerning drug abuse which may taint the Under Armour image such as the viral video of him passing to his fellow team mate Nick Young what was suspected to be Molly in a popular night club. American actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist Gina Joy Carano has also featured in several Under Armour advertisements and poster (Please refer to figure 2). Carano was profiled in a feature story for the ESPN series E: 60 where she was voted "Hottest Woman in America" by Big Biz Magazine in the Spring 2008 issue. Moreover, Carano has an impressive MMA fighting career with 8 wins and one lose to her name not to mention her kickboxing career where she achieved 12 wins, one draw, and one loss. Carano represents the fierce and beautiful female target market under armour wishes to tap into and exploit. Johan Hegg is a vocalist in a Swedish melodic death metal band from Tumba, Amon Amarth, and one of Under Armours public faces( Please refer to figure 3).He appeals to the music lovers and creates a connection with the Under Armour brand as they associate him with the brand. Under Armour have employed the use of numerous slogans and catchy phrases to advertise Under Armour: Sun Protection such as It is always on. REI create customer confidence and trust through the REI Difference: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Gear & advice you can trust, 10% annual member refund. Customers can shop with confidence as REI stand behind everything they sell. If a customer is not satisfied with their REI purchase, they can return it for a replacement or refund within one year. Outdoor Research ActiveIce Sun Sleeves are advertised by REI in their televised adverts: With fabric that provides UPF 50+ sun protection and rejuvenates you as it wicks away sweat, Outdoor Research ActiveIce Sun Sheaths are a must-have for anyone spending time in dry, sunbaked environments. REI have incorporated the use of extreme athletes in their adverts (Please refer to figure 4) to showcase the suitability of its attire in the sports environ.

Evaluation of the competitors advertising messages.REI have employed a message strategy highlighting how REI Members enjoy certain privileges. Anyone can shop at REI, but for a one-time $20 fee one can become a REI member and enjoy a lifetime of benefits. These include a yearly member refund, typically 10% back on eligible purchases which exclude REI gift cards, amenities, fees, REI Adventures trips, items and discounted items. Moreover, REI has employed the use of the slogan THE REI difference to explain their 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. REI esteem themselves to give gear and advice that one can trust. Consumer confidence is created through the REI difference and customer loyalty through the offers given to REI members. On the other hand, Under Armour use motivational and positive messages in adverts to captivate and attract viewer is to purchase their products. Under Armour adverts often have quotes such as Rule Yourself or I will as in the case of Gina Joy Caranos advert (Please refer to figure 2). Under Armour seeks to motivate and inspire its target market through its advert while attempting to be part of this success journey through their products. Under Armour adopts a more emotional and self-actualizing approach to its advertising message. Under Armour appeal to their customers as being cool and trendy as popular celebrities are used to advertise under armour products. Under Armour also strives to have its product associated with success and greatness through its empowering adverts. This brand image appeals to its target market who are endeavouring to be successful in their various spaces. REI appeals to the public through its member discounts where one can save money by becoming a REI member. REI also cultivate an image of trust, dependency and reliability in their operations as their visual adverts seek to create a calm and warm atmosphere. REI offer a low price alternative where one can earn $20 bonus card when you spend $100 or more. Moreover, one can get 15% Off Selected Items with REI Gear mail and Free U.S. standard shipping with $50 minimum purchase. As a result, REI attracts numerous customers due to its many discounts. Under Armour Under offers a 10% Military discount off the entire purchase for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses and next of kin, as well as a 10% First Responder Discount for Active Police, Fire and EMT customers. By offering discounts to those who serve the community Under Armour builds its public image. Under Armour seeks to establish itself as a high-quality athletic apparel company as seen in its numerous endorsements by elite sports personalities in different fields. It seeks to associate its product with physical performance putting it in close competition with Nike attire. REI has positioned itself to serve all purpose outdoor activities including but not limiting itself to high-performance sports. This has diversified its target market. Both Under Armour and REI strive to relieve its customers from the fear of sun damage. Their products protect the user from harmful sun rays. REI has received 5-star rankings and consumer reviews not only on its products but its high-quality customer care. Under Armour has received similar reviews recommending its high-quality products.

Positioning strategy.

Notably, a positioning strategy refers to the process through which a company tries to create its own image and brand identity and place it in its own right in the competitive market. The main aim of conducting a positioning strategy is so as to ensure that the product remains unique and relevant to the buyers and consumers. Given that the UV sleeves are in a pretty competitive market, it is of paramount importance to ensure that they are accorded an effective strategy. Companies such as REI and Under Armor have ensured that they had a commanding marketing presence. Coming up with attention catchy adverts and proper slogans is just but one way of beating off competition (Sengupta, 2005).

Before coming up with an effective positioning strategy, there are some factors considered. The target market is one of these key factors. Currently, the main targeted markets are the outdoor athletes. They are a key market since they attract a lot of celebrity attention. Bearing the UV sleeve is simply but another form of marketing since people will look forward to buying them. Athletes will definitely influence the decision making of the other targeted markets such as tourists going out for a holiday trip and other upcoming athletes.

The next key factor includes the where. This mainly addresses the where you want the bra...

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