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The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada is a well-established body of professionals. This organization offers their members opportunities that mostly improve their welfare. Such opportunities available from the organization for the members are a proper educational pathway through the profession, a stipulation of duties of accountants and good opportunities for further education.

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Typical Educational Path in the Profession

There are various ways, depending on ones educational background to enter into the CPA filed. However, the typical pathway is through the CPA Professional Educational Program (PEP). This program is set into modules that a candidate goes through from High School to the qualification of Common Exam. An individual is required to have an undergraduate degree accompanied by a specific subject area coverage. Currently, members who have education qualifications to CAs, CGA, and CMA have merged to form one charter that is Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA). The Competency module focuses on six areas, namely financial reporting, audit and assurance, management accounting, taxation, finance and strategy, and governance. The next two modules focus on the individual career interests of the candidates. A common Exam module follows this, after which the body of professionals can certify an individual.

Accounting Duties of Members

The professional members of the Association have various duties, spanning from the government and to individual small businesses. It is done by offering adequate accounting managerial skills needed in the business environments. To the industries, this professional can provide services in such positions as CEO, Presidents, System Developers, and treasurer. They also help the not for profit bodies to deliver very transparent annual reports on effective strategy development. CPAs who work start up counselors, business valuation, assurance, management consulting, and personal tax planning. The CPAs have the opportunity of working for the government at all levels as tax auditors, policy planners, and financial analyst. The CPAs have the opportunity to work as executive and non-executive board members of the organization.

Opportunities for Further Studies

The association offers very effective in-person courses that help individual members to competencies into the career. Such study opportunities are very practical and can be an implemented. An example of such an in-person course if the program of In-Depth Dispute case, which equips members with skills to solve tax controversies. The CPAs have an opportunity to enroll for Canada Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). The ACAF provide further skills to CPAs equipping them with applied accounting and financial skills.

In conclusion, the CPA of Canada Association is an effective body of professionals providing welfare of the members as well as the national welfare. It helps both individuals as well as the national welfare. It helps both individuals as well as the government organizations effectively manage funds, offer efficient standard stewardship.

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