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Bach is known to be one of the humble and renowned musicians of his time, and he is remembered for the great works of art he did in the recent past. He was considered a great man and a household name. He was a court composer and capeillmeister to His Royal Majesty in Serene and Portland. However, despite his achievements in music, he still faces critics from other scholars and authors. For instance, in many occasions, most of the people are amazed by his ability since they cannot fathom how it is possible for him to achieve such sprightliness by the use of his feet and fingers. They couldnt comprehend how he could be able to sing and perform certain movements without mixing even a single tone. Besides, some argue that he had taken away the natural element and incorporated confusing and turgid styles. The piece of art is considered to be confusing since they do not have any order. The content of the music is mixed up and thrown in a disorganized manner making it be regarded redundant even though it has received a lot of praise from many individuals. Also, it is considered confusing since the singers and the instrumentalists have sluggishness and negligence which can bring the total confusion.

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These are said to have darkened the beauty of his music since he incorporated excess art. Also, his masterpiece is difficult to play since most of the judgments are given based on his fingers. His peace of art was proved to be quite impossible to play since whatever people handle by the use of ornaments and other methods of plays, he could handle all of them in notes, a skill which takes away the harmony but covers only melody aspects. It thus makes the voices not to rhyme hence taking the music away from its natural aspect to being artificial as it is described by Mr. Von in his poetry.

The praise was given to him (Bach) and the title such as the extraordinary artist, a great man and an admiration of the whole nation are not true reflection of what Bach is since most of the time the praise and the terms are not used with a specific meaning and they should come from the art, sound, and music as oppose to men's applause only. For instance, when one is an expert and an extraordinary artist in playing an instrument, they are referred to as Virtuoso instead of Musikant as it is in the case of Bach. Also, such names do not apply to composers and those who conduct the choruses. Therefore, for the praise to be realistic and serve the purpose, the author would have described the new meaning of the word Musikant so as to inform the readers about the upgrade the word has got from the well-known meaning in musical linguistics. Besides, other critics argue against the use of his fingers. They posit that the use of hands and feet in his performance does not reflect the perfection which is required in music. It is because the performance should be one which can easily be mastered by the audience and be imitated without any difficulty. Besides, it makes his piece of music to be an art with melody, but lack dissonance thus is termed not to be pleasant to the ear. Therefore, these make the music not attractive to most of the listeners who have a keen interest in another aspect of musical features apart from melody only. It thus calls for the development of various types of music which give a clear connection between dissonance and consonance without any hurt to the harmony.

It has been said that Bach owns six canons in music in which he can be able to use in the production of six extra voices. However, in reality, when he plays his music, only three voices can be heard. So, the dilemma comes, where are the three other voices! It is these which bring ambiguity in harmony and thus results to the pronouncement of melody as oppose to harmony. Therefore, a warning is sent to listeners of Bachs music that the instruments and the piece of art are not easy to play and it can spoil both fingers and throat. These can thus lead to various damages to the victims hence leading to loss of opportunities as a musician. Even though the critics on finger and throat damages are refuted that the judgment was based on the composer's fingers. Still, there are needs for one to train and master the art before the actual performance. Conversely, caution should be taken since Bachs art appears to be very technical and if care is not taken during training or performance, it can arm or dislocate the fingers hence costs. It is said that like an army trained to move as a unit musicians should also train to give one piece without discord. Bach tried it but some aspect of music never came to bear fruit to some musicians. Besides, the singers are called upon to apply different arts at the right place and time so as to ensure that there is mix up in the elements of music as well as the message one would want to deliver to his or her audiences.

In addition, the voices which Mr. Bach have used in his music have equal voices but are known to have equal difficulties since none can be recognized as the principal voice. It is said that it is the voices which contribute to the harmony hence achieving the desired music perfection. The method has been appealing to the Palestrina and other musicians of old. However, the perfection should be considered in both aspects of musical elements. If it happens that for perfection to be achieved, all the musical elements should be taken into considerations. These could comprise of the tone color used, the tone, rhythm, and time. These will bring a clear harmony, livelihood, and neutrality which it deserves.

In the event of critics, the work of art have revealed and have done a lot of injustices to Bach since some critics and essays written against him are not valid and will ensure that his masterpiece regarded redundant and viewed as a style which does not conform to the whole musical system and the required criteria. Besides, some words like Musikant should not be used in the case of noble men like Bach since they tend to defame the prolific and masters of music as oppose to building them. Besides, the music should be one which enables people to have respect, honor, fame and money hence can be in a position to satisfy their daily needs.

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