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Dammeyer, Jesper. "Symptoms of autism among children with congenital deaf blindness." Journal of autism and developmental disorders 44.5 (2014): 1095-1102.

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The source identifies the different characteristics of children with autism. In the article, the author records the various stages of the development of autism and the variations in the character in children. The source is important when handling the topic of autism in children because the author records some of the early signs of the disorder. Besides, the author describes the symptoms associated with autism, which includes difficulty in communications, loss of sight and hearing impairment in young children. It is also evident in the source that autism has a close relationship with cognitive development in children. The source is helpful in extensive research about autism because it gives a solid basis regarding the disorder.

Dillenburger, K., Jordan, J. A., McKerr, L., Devine, P., & Keenan, M. Awareness and knowledge of autism and autism interventions: A general population survey. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 7(12) (2013):, 1558-1567.

The article is a report regarding autism in children in diverse population. The authors provide a wide view regarding autism and the various stages of the development of the conditions in children. The source contains the various effects of the conditions in the child development and the existing types of autism in children. The authors indicated the various innervations programs that helps reduce the effects of autism in child development. The source contains a wide exposure of autism, the symptoms of the conditions in children and working interventions programs on the conditions. Reading the article, provides a better understanding and approaches to the condition.

Geschwind, Daniel H., and Matthew W. State. "Gene hunting in autism spectrum disorder: on the path to precision medicine." The Lancet Neurology 14.11 (2015): 1109-1120.

The authors focused on the relationship between the disorder and genes. The research shows that autism is linked to genetics and thus family history matters in the treatment of autism. The source defines autism; indicate types of the people affected by the disease and variations inventions programs to reduce the effects of the conditions in children. The source provides the ordinary ways of diagnosing autism and proper attentions needed to reduce the consequences of the disease. Besides, the authors identified the various services that a child with autism needs to reduce the implications of the disease in advanced stages.

Hommer, Rebecca E., and Susan E. Swedo. "Schizophrenia and autismrelated disorders." (2015): 313-314.

The article contains an extensive research regarding the clinical relationship between autism and schizophrenia. The author records that autism and schizophrenia has clinical connections. There are some of the common features of persons with schizophrenia and autism. As indicated in the source, the features such as loss of memory, decline in the activity, poor adaptions and emotional control, mental disturbance and difficulty in memory. The authors indicate that early diagnosis of the autism is important because it calls for early interventions. Children with autism exhibit simple deviations from the norm. For example, some children lack communication skills and are detach from reality.

Pozo, P., E. Sarria, and A. Brioso. "Family quality of life and psychological wellbeing in parents of children with autism spectrum disorders: a double ABCX model." Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 58.5 (2014): 442-458.

The author explains how autism in children affects parents and guardian. The exposition of autism in children is extensive, and the authors explain some of the annoying features those children with autism exhibit. The children with autism lack interests in primary activities such as social interactions and playing. Parents find it hard to cope with their children because of lack of interest in learning, response to stimuli and interactions with the parent. The authors indicate that autism is a source stress in parents and thus the need for counseling sessions to help the parent cope with the conditions. The source contains the social implications of autism in the life of children and the parents. It is evident from the article that parents suffer psychological problems when their children are diagnosed with autism.

Schohl, Kirsten A., et al. "A replication and extension of the PEERS intervention: examining effects on social skills and social anxiety in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders." Journal of autism and developmental disorders 44.3 (2014): 532-545.

Autism in children impedes the development of motor skills in children. The authors of the article indicate that children with autism are slow in social and mental growth. In the article, the authors attempt to explain the wider perspective of autism and the variations of autism conditions from one child to another. Autism affects the adolescents in various ways. For example, the adolescents with autism lack emotional attachments depict mental disorganizations and have poor cognitive development. The authors explain the effect of proper intervention appropriate interventions programs among the children with autism.

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