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Airbnb is an internet-based travel organizing company that connects travellers and their destinations. The company pools the available hotels and other travel destinations and allows the travellers to communicate with the hotel owners. In other words, Airbnb provides a platform of interaction where customers and sellers meet. Airbnb gets its revenue from the service fee charged for each successful booking. The company is known for its atypical travellers reservations like residential facilities, picnics and camps. The service strategy at Airbnb is based on the exploration of the best and uncommon travel destinations, and marketing them in a manner that will attract a customer to that particular destination. After identifying a rental facility for advertisement, the host is allowed to open a user profile account where the property owner markets their rental apartments to prospective customers. The user profile basically contains the price of accommodation and reviews made by previous customers.

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Airbnb primarily has digital touch points. After the customer logs into the companys website, a series of rental apartments in various cities is displayed for the guest to choose from. The host has a period of 24 hours to confirm or decline a request made by a customer. After making a choice, the guest interacts with the owner of the apartment or the host through messaging on the companys website. Afterwards, the guest and the host exchange contacts for further communication regarding direction and location of the accommodation facility. Therefore, the basic touch points are creation of a user profile by the host, creation of the guests user profile and the communication between the host and the guest.

The customer journey begins when they learn about Airbnb. Customers may learn about the company services through social media or peer referral. From there, customers visit the Airbnb website and create a user profile. Customers then explore the website to find all the listed accommodation facilities while interacting with the hosts. The host and the guest make arrangement to meet and the latter occupies the facility of their choice. The customer spends their vacation in the hosts facilities for a specified period of time. After the vacation is over, the guest hands in the keys and any other necessary accessories to the host and leaves the premises. The customer then logs into their user profile and give a review of the hosts facilities.

Willing entrepreneurs can venture into online exchange of second hand or even new goods. In this kind of sharing economy, the sellers and buyers meet through facilitation of this business. Unlike Airbnb, buyers in this business will not be required to create a user profile, since the good is withdrawn from the website once its bought. This business will employ website administrators who will post items once they get a request from the seller. They will be responsible for arranging goods in order of their time of posting as well as classifying goods to various categories for easy browsing. The service blueprint in this business may not have definite timeline since random people can browse the website for the listed good without making a purchase.

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