My Trip to Disney World

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Frequently referred to as Disney World, Walt Disney is an entertainment complex that is situated in Orlando, Florida. It is a place of imaginations and dreams. People travel from all corners of the world to experience the tons of entertainment. This entertainment is in the form of rides, incredible characters, and exciting shows. I remember my trip to Disney World as it remains to be one of the best experiences of my life up to date. All my imaginations came to reality once I stepped foot into Disney World. I believe the name Disney World was coicame into being as a result of the lifetime experience that the complex creates.

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My parents always bought me beautiful presents from my previous birthdays, but for my tenth anniversary, they outdid themselves. This particular gift surpassed my imaginations. I still remember the night my mom broke the great news, "We are going to Disney World for your birthday." I could barely sleep that night. It was this trip to Disney world that helped me to overcome the fear of flying. Thats how excited I was. When we landed on one of the busiest airports in Florida, we took a taxi to the five-star hotel that my father had booked for us. After freshening up, we boarded a shuttle bus that would take us round.

From my tender age, I had always pictured Disney world to be the happiest place on earth. As we strolled and drove around for the following couple of days, my dreams came to reality. Disney World magically opened up into various amusement parks and water parks that are strategically placed. Some of my favorite parks include The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, among others. Our visit to the Magic Kingdom was amazing. Here, there is an acclaimed saying that it is where all the magic emanates and faithful to the saying, as we walked in I could feel the magic. The kingdom was bright and colorful with blue, red and yellow stands everywhere. Children and families swarmed stands that were offering distinctive shapes and inflatable character balloons, food, and delicious beverages. The highlight of this kingdom was the Disney characters that were more than willing to take pictures with us. I took many pictures with these characters, most of which I still treasure up to date.

As we drove into the next section, a big silver ball caught my eye. Looking through the window, I could see a collection of stores stocked up with bracelets and keychains, but I was really into the tall and long rides. To my amusement, there were also performances of my favorite shows such as Lion King. The auditorium was dimly lit and almost packed to capacity which made watching the shows more fun. Outside, the amusement parks were loaded with rides, eateries, and fun exercises. I had never been as spoilt for choice before. Every one of them had their fireworks show and celebrated Disney characters. Epcot was the universe and the future of technology and innovation. The sentiment, energy, and reckoning to go into Disney World is amazing and indefinable. The sound of happy kids riding on toys and with their most loved characters is equally unbelievable. When I met Mickey Mouse, I couldn't quit smiling since he is my most loved cartoon character ever. I could not help but hug him so tight and took several pictures.

The food was tasty, with some of these delicacies still drawing out the kid in me up to date. The ice cream and dessert possessed a flavor like excellent custom made frozen yogurt that is smooth and sweet. Additionally, the music was fun and fulfilling. Listening to the sound of cars zooming on Test Track and the shouts of those on Space Mountain oblivious getting a charge out of the ride. It was my first time to go to Tower of Terror which made me frightened crazy but ended up being an incredible ride, as it went from the base to the top floor fast. The sound effects of power streaming noticeable all around and murkiness all over the place made me feel like I was in an actual terrifying film. The vibration and falling noticeable all around on the Tower of Terror also made it thrilling. The experience that I received this day was quite outstanding. I enjoyed every bit of the trip and shared happy moments with new friends.

In conclusion, contrary to the conventional notion that all amusement parks, Disney world included, solely target children and young ones is false. Disney world is a classic example of amusement parks that offer entertainment facilities and services to people regardless of their ages. Most couples have even chosen the magical world as a honeymoon destination. It is one of those places that most people have on their bucket lists. Every time I go back to Disney World, I feel like a child again. The experience helps me to appreciate all the fun and memories of my childhood.

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