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Different nations of the world are known for different reasons. Research has shown that Singapore is known as one country whose tourism business is thriving quickly. Most importantly, the MICE industry in Singapore is one to reckon with. Apart from its known excellent holiday destinations, Singapore is one of Asia’s leading destinations for MICE events and activities. The reason Singapore stands out as a viable destination for several events is because it has state-of-the-art facilities that most MICE buyers would want to use for their events (Wang, Yeoh, & Ser, 2002). Singapore also has venues and other ancillary services that make any event successful. It is also a country that is developing quickly across various platforms. Similarly, the nation comprises intelligent people who can think critically and use technology to make life better in the country. Such people stay up-to-date with the changes that take place in their environment and use these opportunities to foster developmental activities in Singapore. There are several MICE events that take place in Singapore almost every month. Further research shows that the nation stands an opportunity to host several further events that attract men and women from various parts of the globe. Many people know Singapore from a different point of view, however, the same people do not know more about the MICE activities in the nation. Therefore, this paper is a research study and a discussion of the MICE industry in Singapore. The paper discusses the different types of such events found in Singapore and their impacts on the environment.

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What Is MICE Industry

MICE is an acronym used to stand for meetings, incentives, conferees, and events that take place at a given destination. Going by this knowledge, Singapore is a country that has a rich culture and the necessary facilities to hold such occasions. According to (Board, 2014) there are several such events in Singapore. These events and activities play a significant role in marketing and boosting the tourism industry, increasing revenue for the nation, and advertising Singapore as a travel destination that many people will like. MICE event is defined as a type of tourism whereby large groups of people come together for a particular purpose after effective planning. The group meets with the aim of accomplishing a goal. Some of the well-known MICE events include corporate events, organizational meetings, business negotiations, exhibitions, and governmental meetings among others (Lau, 2012). Some other MICE activities found various destinations also educational meetings, political forums, national forums, and event training among many others. Research has shown that many people go to Singapore for various reasons. The one reason was that the country has better sights and attracts many tourists who also engage in other activities apart from tourist attraction sites.

Supply of MICE Events in Singapore

Singapore was chosen for this assignment because it is a nation in the Asian continent that has a rich culture and business environment that is growing at a faster rate. Importantly, the nation has several facilities such as infrastructures, hotels, and other forms of accommodation to enable it to hold such events successfully (Jago & Deery, 2005). Some of the MICE events found in Singapore include corporate events, government meetings, exhibitions, travel and tourism, trade conferences, health conferences, and education awareness activities among others. These events are very important to Singapore because it not only makes it possible to bring revenue by also ensure that all the citizens are united.

What Are the Benefits of the Mice Industry to a Country

Research shows that since Singapore is developing and has a rich culture, it also has a high potential for being an effective provider of MICE events. Many people travel to the nation for tourism reasons. However, once they are there, they also engage in other MICE activities. On (Bureau, 2012) the same note, Singapore is a well-known business destination preferred by many people around the world. This means that it will always have an influx of people coming into its environs for business activities. Similarly, the country is considered a connection nation between many Asian countries (Swarbrooke & Horner, 2001). For example, some people who want to go to their Asian nations such as China find it convenient to pass through Singapore. Therefore, the nation can be a good provider for MICE activities that concern business events.

Similarly, because of its location, Singapore has effective transportation systems that make it possible for visitors to network and meet up with one another. The success of any MICE event requires effective means of transport to enable people to transit from one location to the next. Singapore has better road and rail transport that can be utilized by both local and international visitors residing or visiting the nation (ICCA, 2013) On the same note, the country has an effective communication system that also makes it possible for local and international visitors to communicate not only locally but also internationally. Effective means of communication also make Singapore an important destination for MICE events. Many MICE activities also require ample venues regarding size and location. Therefore, Singapore is a viable destination for such events because it has adequate facilities for such activities. Research shows that Singapore has some of the best conferencing rooms for holding corporate and other types of events (ICCA 2013)

These venues are well fitted with all the necessary conferencing materials to make such a proceeding successful. For example, most hotels in Singapore also provide conference rooms that have added opportunities such as a computer for video conferencing, projectors for educational and other meeting purposes (Jayaraman, 2014). Secondly, these places are located in some serene regions that can filter noise away thereby making such important occasions to proceed without any interruptions from the outside world. Similarly, the venues also provide other ancillary or additional services for clients visiting such destinations. For example, anyone who intends to hold a conference will not have to carry their equipment around because the venues are fitted with modern forms of technology. The venues also provide non-charged internet services for their clients who want to conduct video conferencing while visiting Singapore. Some venues also offer free transportation services for their customers to make them comfortable while undertaking their activities. On the same note, event managers in various venues understand the need for effective communication for people with different languages. Therefore, some of the venues are fitted with translators to make any meeting a success and beneficial to everyone attending (Singapore, 2015).

Many MICE buyers require effective means of transport because some of them, such as those who provide exhibition activities, move from one place to the next. Therefore, the fact that Singapore can provide effective means of transportation is an added advantage to exhibitors visiting the nation. On the same note, events such as corporate meetings, business conferences, health and education seminars require effective working materials. They also need to be conducted in rooms or venues that can hold a larger audience because these are areas that most people are concerned about, and, therefore, the attendance will be large. The ability for Singapore to provide large venues fit for such occasions makes it fit for MICE events. Similarly, such events need to take place at venues that can provide ample concentration and Singapore has the opportunity to provide any clients with such a demand (UIA, 2013). Prospective MICE buyers looking for great venues with quiet environments can be sure to find some in Singapore. Singapore is a country that has various relationships with other countries. They also rely on secondary suppliers to ensure that their MICE events are satisfactory to their clients. The successful realization of any MICE event in Singapore requires that the buyers work together with other supplies in the region. For example, they can contact telecommunication agencies to ensure that they have everything arranged for them as they want it. The local and international buyers sometimes rely on working with other supplies such as event managers to be able to get the best venues and the best locations for their planned occasions. It is important to use such experts since they make planning activities easy and successful.

Challenges in Mice Industry

Some of the MICE market groups in Singapore include the business sector, education, health, corporate, and events industries. On the same note, other sectors such as sales, logistics and transportation, travel sports, social sector, and tourism also make up important buyers of MICE events packages. However, in all these groups, the sectors that have high demands for facilities and services include business, social sectors, and education and health services sectors. This is because many people come to the country for various business reasons. Once in the nation, they expect to get their business activities running smoothly. They will need conference venues for holding corporate events. The education and health sectors are some groups that are majorly involved in research and providing information (Ting, 2012). These sectors also enlighten people by providing various teaching opportunities to them. Therefore, they also demand facilities and services that will make their deliberations successful. Apart from requiring modern forms of technology, internet connection, they also require public address systems and larger rooms that will adequately accommodate the large crowd that they attract. In that case, they require that the suppliers of the MICE facilities and services in their chosen destination be efficient.

Why Is Singapore a Successful Mice Destination

Singapore is a country known by many as an attractive business and tourist destination. This means that there are many people who travel to the destination not only for leisure reasons but also for nosiness activities (Cecil, Reed, & Reed, 2011). The buyers from the business sectors usually expect effective communication between them and the suppliers. Just like other sectors, the business world experts expect their activities to be set in advance and meet their goals and objectives. Therefore, the MICE buyers in the business arena are also in demand in terms of effective services and adequate facilities that will ensure success. These people hold important corporate events that also bring revenue to their countries and Singapore as well. Therefore, the suppliers of facilities in the business and the corporate world must work hard to ensure that they obtain exactly what they want. Business people are known to be time conscious, network, and conference more often than not; Singapore prides itself as a destination that can supply such buyers with everything they need to make their experience successful (Davidson & Cope, 2003).

How Can Singapore Maintain Its Edge in the Mice Industry

Singapore is a country known for its varied business opportunities. It provides a business opening to almost all buyers and supplies in all sectors. The business as a MICE event in Singapore is diverse and mainly ranges from tourism, travel, hospitality, educational and health services among others. Most businessmen who visit Singapore do so with the aim of ensuring that they establish lasting ties with Singapore. To be able to maintain such relationships, ev...

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