My Personality Type: Important Aspect of My Working Life

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The Types Dynamic Indicator reveal my personality in depth. It explains clearly why I work or rather, the purpose of my work. It is true that I work to connect meaning, fulfill a bigger purpose, and value work as well as effort. Although my purpose of work is to help other people, I do not necessarily work to help them spiritually or emotionally. I also work so that I can grow and develop in collaboration with others who are around me. Part of my purpose of working is to exercise my imagination as well as insight instead of routine or procedures. Working for me is more to do with lending helping hand to those who are less fortunate in the society. Working on my part also has to do with engagement in things that are socially meaningful instead of focusing much on things that are commercial in nature.

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There are specific working environments that are ideal for me. For example, I enjoy working in an environment characterized by a combination of harmony and efficiency. An environment that offers means opportunity for new experiences as well as ideas to stimulate my imagination is a good one for me. However, it should not be too many at any given time. Where I consider ideal is also an environment that offers me with an opportunity to withdraw and reflect. Additionally, I would like to work in an environment that allows me to accomplish many roles such as being a harmonizer, a radical, and a helper.

I do not want just any work. To me, I would like to engage in an activity that allows me to have insight and also to create new ways of accomplishing things well. I consider also work that is characterized by communicating as good for me. That is work that involves not just passing of information but also getting other workers to understand and agree. Work that offers me freedom to proceed at my own pace while working within a properly structured environment is also what I consider to be ideal for me. Rather than getting involved with a raft of innovations, I would like to be involved in tasks or activities that are focused on one big idea.

While on work, I can make various types of contributions such as caring and showing concern for people I work with, clarification of messages, ensuring that people are informed, and also maintaining a personal touch in what I do.

On the issue of time management, there are certain things that are common to me. For example, I want to have a clear structure although I may not necessarily stick to it when working. I prefer having some dates in the diary so that I have a knowledge of what is happening next in advance. Further, I am always prepared to follow the agenda and work toward delivering objectives as per the set targets. Rather than get involved with many activities, I prefer sticking to one activity to the task at a time. To ensure that I deliver within deadlines, I am always politely resistant to any interruptions as well as changes to the schedule.

I am a results-oriented person, and I would like to be involved in setting up of goals and making great plans as well as targets. Before acting on anything, I first have to spend some time thinking about it. In addition to feeling excited by starting an activity, I also feel compelled to finish once I start it. Rather than maintain an executive face, I prefer giving others advice. Unless the goal fits the values, I may neglect details and proceed to complete the task I am involved in.

Like other people, there are people I would like to work with. Rather than work with people with broad, superficial contacts, I prefer working with people whom I feel I am deeply connected with where we cultivate intense and deep relationships. These include people whom we share insights although I will always communicate them to others. I would also like working with people who have a passion for serving and supporting others by neglecting their own needs and wants. The kind of people I feel comfortable to work with include those who are capable of developing closeness and intimacy in teams. People who are abrasive or who tends to create thrusting climates where personal relationships come after achievement are not the type of people I would love working with. Instead, I would love to work with people who make me feel responsible for not just everything but also everyone. Where relationships are concerned, I am interested in working with people who value reflection, quietness, and mutual respect.

My relationship style is also another important aspect of my working life. I can describe myself as quiet and thoughtful, and someone can find it hard to know me. Often, I am usually a good listener. However, I am only good at listening if the topic is important. Although I am a bit absent-minded at times, I am warm and encouraging to people. I am usually insightful and perceptive with a tendency to find out the good in other people.

My leadership skills can be described as inspirational, visionary, and full of idealism. I can influence without knowing. I can lead others by taking the long-term view with constant reference to the big picture. I create respect by employing high principles, but I can easily lose touch with reality. I am more quiet than outspoken. On managerial skills, I can be more facilitative than a directive manager. As a manager, I am supportive to team members, praise them when necessary, and encourage them. I am comfortable in an environment with harmony, and that is why I may not make tough decisions at times. Given that I am always ready to support and develop team members, I prefer coaching style of management.

On the aspect of decision-making, I can be quick especially when there is a need for closure. I like making my decisions on the basis of subjective values as well as how they fit my personal strategy. Furthermore, I take criticisms and other painful consequences of decisions, on a serious and personal level. On the issue of conflicts, I have a strong dislike for any form of conflict, and I always try to do anything to establish harmony. Where possible, I always try to intervene and bring the conflict to a stop. Although at a personal cost, I can manage conflict fairly and patiently.

Some of my best attributes include the ability to assume a strategic dimension that is in congruence with the needs of the people. I can be defined as someone who is consistent, committed to my word, and with a high level of integrity. Persistence, meaning, sense of direction, concentration, inspirational, and single-mindedness are other attributes that can be used to describe me. In addition to my ability to work with small groups of people, I can also work well with individuals. I can do facilitation better than directing of people.

Despite my many positive attributes that define my personality, there are some areas which I need to improve which include deciding on when to work with instead of avoiding organizational politics. I am not good at influencing, and I need to improve my assertive skills. Further, I need to improve on how to confront difficult issues sooner and also in a more direct approach. Instead of taking criticism personally, I should use it as an opportunity for learning and grow. When it comes to feedback, I should learn how to issue feedback directly and faster. Finally, I need to compare my practicability with another person who is more grounded and practical.

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