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Field programs provide both students and teachers with several ways on how to explore specific topics and enable them to practice scientific processes through the investigations and immersive experiences in the field of site. It is fundamental that learners are provided with a chance to visit the places such as museums to facilitate active learning through exposure and experiences on these locations. After visiting various sites for this research, two sections stood out in their uniqueness, and I chose to do a comparison of them. These two facilities were; the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is located in the New York and is one of the largest and most outstanding facilities in the region. It frequented by large numbers of people from different parts of the world who want to exhibit its contents that have been stored there for long periods of time. It contains over two million works that are divided into seventeen curatorial departments. Also, the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History) which is located on the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City is also one of the largest museums in the world. It is equipped with about forty-five exhibition halls and its contents count to about thirty-two million specimens.

The American Museum of Natural History contains numerous remains of animals, plants, rocks, fossils, meteorites, minerals, and human artifacts. Despite been in the same geographical region, the two museums are different from each other based on their contents and several other factors. MET functions to maintain and preserve an extensive collection of holdings of Byzantine, Oceanic, African, Asian, and Islamic pieces of art. These pieces include costumes, musical instruments, accessories, weapons and armor collected from different parts of the globe. Some of the galleries in MET are installed permanently and have been available for long periods.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art mainly focuses on historical items; therefore, it is an encyclopedic museum while the American Museum of Natural History studies the diversity of the variety of species found on earth. Its researchers study life in the ancient past and the universe. AMNH possesses the most scientifically critical collection of fossils that belong to dinosaurs and vertebrates evolution in the world. Frequent visitors to the facility have pointed out that the Tyrannosaurus and Apatosaurus are their favorite pieces in the galleries.

The MET contains three dioramas, and one of its notable exhibits includes a large collection and variety of spiritual attires that were used in ancient times. These costumes are displayed on the Forest-Woodland section of the museum. Also, in the section, there is a comprehensive comparison of African societies based on their cultivation, hunting, their gatherings and animal domestications. Thus in the museum, each culture is well represented in a political, historical, ecological, and spiritual context. Archeological artifacts are also presented on a broad range including the pre-Colombian civilizations that once existed across Middle America. These include the Zapotec, Aztec, Maya, and the Olmec.

The American Museum (AMNH) contains some of the finest specimens in the Hall of Meteorites (Arthur Ross Hall). These samples include Ahnighito (a meteorite that was acquired from the same location of the same name in Greenland). It had a great weight of thirty-four tons making it the largest meteorite ever to be on display in all museums in the world. The meteor makes the museum unique and increases the number of visitors who are eager to view the treasure. The Metropolitan Museum (MET) is famous for having the most distinctive parade of armored figures. The gallery is the most notable in the facility having being organized with the help of the famous Leonid Tarassuk (Russian immigrant and arms and armors scholar) in 1975.

The Drawings and Prints Department in MET mainly concentrates on North American pieces and western European works that were designed in the middle ages of human evolution. However, the AMNH galleries display the pre-Columbian pieces of arts since its opening as it was launched shortly after the discovery of civilization by archeologists.

The MET has a wide variety of collections of precious metals and porcupine quills representing items from mainly Africa and America. An entire wing of the museum is also dedicated to the Asian collection including items that are over four thousand years old of Asian art (prints, sculptures, and metal items). However, the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is also famous for been the most major exhibitors in the world. Its team of researchers create two to three exhibits every year. These major shows are achieved due to the strong and healthy relationship between the museum's lab and the research wing.

The AMNH has been among the first in the world to introduce new topics to the public. Also, it has been on the frontline to discuss human-induced climate change, Mesozoic mass

Extinction through asteroid research. Both the museums are famous for their different services offered, their achievements, and the contents that are displayed in their galleries. Therefore, people will keep on frequenting these facilities to quench their various interests. It is important that the facilities are well maintained to ensure that also future generations have access to history.

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