Modern Conveniences You Would not Want to Live Without

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Modern conveniences have come in handy when it comes to performance of various tasks with great ease. They are perceived to be the greatest improvement on the traditional methods that were previously used to perform various tasks. Smart phones, cars and ATM machines are among the modern conveniences that have since simplified various human tasks. The simplification of these tasks has led to improvement in lifestyles of people due to the comfort and conveniences achieved. Imagine a world without phones, leave alone smart phones! Imagine the kind of struggles that early people passed through before the invention of phones and smart phones? Before the invention of telephones, communication was indeed a big challenge. Letters were the popular means of communication before the onset of phones. Despite the urgency of the information, people had to use letters to pass the information. The messengers had to endure long distances to deliver the messages. The onset of phones and eventually smart phones has led to great changes as far as communication is concerned. Smart phones have simplified the whole process of communication as well as improving the lifestyles of people. Through smart phones, individuals can communicate with each other freely regardless of the distance separating them. Smart phones support various apps that simplify various tasks. Most smart phones have built in geo-location (GPS). This functionality enables the users to get their precise location which in turn helps in eradication of difficulties associated with use of compass direction. Smart phones are also used as computing devices due to their ability to support a wide collection of functionalities. They are used in web browsing, instant messaging via internet. Hi-tech functionalities of smart phones are the reason behind the ever growing social media platforms. All these aspects indicate how smart phones, as modern conveniences, have simplified various human tasks.

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Another modern convenience that one cannot opt against having it is a car. Personal cars are generally known for the kind of comfort they add to peoples life. Boarding public means of transport will always remind an individual of having his own car. For instance when using commuter busses to move within the city, one cannot help but acknowledge the kind of discomfort passengers are always experiencing. While in those busses, a passenger is forced to seat next to a stranger, something that is scary especially in this era where you cannot trust the person sitting next to you due escalating cases of insecurities. However, using your own car to move from place to place saves you the agony of discomforts arising from the use of public means. Cars also provide the perfect way of dealing with adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, intense sunshine or rainy conditions. I remember a day my father went to work, leaving his car behind. In the evening, he came back rained on, swearing that he will never leave his car behind when going to work. Had he used his car on that day, he would have avoided the experience of being rained on. This depicts the challenges that individuals who walk on foot face during the time of adverse weather conditions. Without a car, individuals are forced to endure the scorching heat of the sun and strong winds; experiences that can be reversed when one is using a car. These instances indicate how owning a car is a convenient venture due to the quality and comfort it adds to ones life.

Saving time on daily routines has always been a desire for many people. There are some tasks that are time consuming unless a rightful alternative is availed. Imagine queuing for hours to wait for bank tellers to withdraw some cash from your account? The time one spend queuing can be transformed to other meaningful events if only the best alternative is available. Such problem was rectified with the emergence of the Automated-teller machines (ATM). The use of the ATM cards to deposit or withdraw came as a relief especially when time aspects are into a consideration. When using an ATM card, one can withdraw or deposit cash at any time: day or night unlike when depending on the bank human tellers. Last summer I was visiting my uncle. I ran out of cash and I had to rush to the nearby bank to withdraw some cash. The queue was long due since the ATM servers were being serviced. I waited for almost an hour before my turn to be served. That incidence made me to appreciate the importance of the ATMs as modern convenience when it comes to time saving. They are faster than going to the bank and wait on those long queues to be finished. In addition, the use of ATM cards is the safest way of handing cash. Once the card is lost or stolen, there is no need of panicking since there will be no unauthorized withdrawals due hi-tech authentications required. These instances highlights how it is hard to survive currently without ATM machines.

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