Sexism on Television Shows

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The Bachelorette is a TV show offshoot from one of the American reality show The Bachelor. Its debut was in January in the year 2003. The first season included Trista Rehn, who was the second placed on the reality show. She was offered an opportunity to choose a husband among twenty-five bachelors. The show included a potential husband unlike the parent show, only one guy proposes to the ladies for the last selection. In this show, a single bachelorette dates multiple men in many weeks; she narrows them in her agenda to get the true love. The creator of the series is Mike Fleiss, who has more than fifty episodes running from the year 2008to 2013.All the seasons of the show winded-up with a proposal. The bachelorette decided to accept or decline the proposal.

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The social theme I am addressing is sexism on the television shows. This issue has ruled most of the live shows as they are becoming like a daily meal. Most of the shows have been running for years, like the one I am discussing. The youth is ever glued to their screens because of the explicit content in them. Most of the youths have fallen in love with these shows, they are emotionally attached and they tend to follow the characters behaviour, yet some are very insulting. Some people find it very attractive or as a joke as they follow the shows. The characterization on most of the shows only fulfils the sexism approach either towards the men or women that the society believes it is appropriate as it enhances social interaction. The negative image of women is highly propagated in an insulting manner, and this makes it difficult for the female audiences.

In The Bachelorette show, a hot sex scene is shown between Kristen Dunts and James Marsden. The two are showed expressing love feelings to one another. They both seem to enjoy the view as its shown from their jovial expression in their laughter. Kristen Dunts is shown having sex with James from the toilet ("Bachelorette Finale - Nick Confronts Andi About Sex Suite", 2016). From the view of the Kristens face and how she has widely opened her mouth. One can tell she was highly aroused from the event. Later they share time together sited in sofa set. In the episode Kirsten, Lizzy and Isla Fisher reunites for a friends wedding that was ridiculed in high school.

In Episode Seven, it is clearly shown Nick expressing love feelings with Kate on a sofa set. They begin with deep kissing and later proceeds to the bedroom where they end up making love. A sexy conversation between the two follows they expressed it as great and how good they felt about it all ("Bachelorette Finale - Nick Confronts Andi About Sex Suite", 2016). According to the subtitles and background sound, Kate never wanted it to end. The sounds coming from the room and running subtitles clearly show that they were engaging in sex.

The mode of dressing of Kate in the episode was seven was suggestive. She was in a miniskirt showing part of her thighs. Kate was expressing her sexual desires to Nick, and he got them right and ended up having sex with her. Dunts and James expressed their feelings and it is seen on their faces that they were happy. Desiree and Chris had a love story to share. From the mode of dressing and her facial expression, she was prepared to receive Chris. Her eyes tell the whole love story. They are shown hugging which is also a nonverbal form of communication and intimacy greetings for the two lover birds. As they set flight to the Barbuda Island, they kiss, hug in the chopper. In the waters, they end up kissing and almost had sex. Ian is troubled by the body language of Kaitlyn to other men though she tells him she is only making out with guys and nothing more so he should not worry.

The interpretation of the identified non-verbal communications is as follows. The mode of dressing of Kate as she approached Nick was sexy, and this shows she was quietly asking for sex from Nick. The deep kissing in the chopper between Chris and Desiree shows how the two had a love for one another. Kaitlyn body language showed how she was weak, and she could fall for any guy they meet and end up in sexual intercourse. The facial expression between James and Dunts led them to have sex in the toilet. It got them both attracted to one another.

In summary, nonverbal form of communication is the best approach to express love feelings to one another. It is intimately and makes the bond strong. It is only through the actions that one can express how much love he or she has for the other party. In conclusion, both verbal and non-verbal communication can be used to express oneself in the society. The mode of dressing a lady put up talks more about her desires and feelings. Sexual Intercourse has no definite place to be done so long as the two parties are both comfortable. Lastly, it is advisable for a lady to date many guys, in the process of looking for a real love


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