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Mr. Incredible is the superhero in this case. He is dated back in the 1950s where he was a traditional superhero. He was very quick in dashing and fighting town crimes for the benefit of the people. Thus, most civilians adored him for his ability to save their endangered lives due to the increased incidences of crime within the town. However, he faced the wrath of law due to his actions. He faced many lawsuits where he was forced to retire from his work.

Under the government program of Superhero Relocation, he moved to the suburbs together with his wife Elastigirl and children named Violet, Dashiell and Jack. After relocating, his new family was known as Pars Family, him as Bob and Helen as the wife. Later, he started working with an insurance agency where he was not satisfied. However, Hellen was a housewife where he raised their children at home. Even their children exhibited super heroic acts. For instance, Violet was able to turn the invisible while Dash was able to run at the speed of light especially during athletics in school. However, Jack powers were still limited due to his age.

At the suburbs, another superhero by the name Frozone relocated to the same neighborhood. Occasionally, they occasionally sneaked out together at night to remember their good old days. However, Mirage is able to lure and sneak Mr. Incredible to Pacific Island. However, due to his old age, he is overweight and much slower. In this specific island, he is supposed to battle with a robot named Omnidroid, created by one of his childhood admirers. His main aim was to overpower the Mr. Incredible through the robot which he created.

A superhero is created is a setting where people are suffering and required to be saved. For instance, Mr. Incredible was fighting major crimes in the town. Occasionally, he dashed out to fight with most criminals in the town. Unfortunately, every hero faces the wrath of the law. It is quite clear that Mr. Incredible faced many lawsuits until when he was rescued by a program mandated to save superheroes where he relocated to the suburbs. Despite his old age, he is still lured into Pacific Island where he fights with a robot. Further, we are able to see even his children inheriting the sup heroic acts at their young age. For instance, Violet is able to turn the invisibles while Dash is able to run at the speed of light.

Most superheroes have special powers that they use in order to help people out of a certain trouble in their surroundings. For instance, Mr. Incredible is able to fight crimes in his towns and help the people living there. Secondly, most superheroes are overpowered by various forces where they normally relocate to a new neighborhood and establish themselves again. This is what Mr. Incredible does as he moves to the suburbs. Thirdly, most superhero changes their names once they move to a new setting to re-establish themselves. However, they are lured back to their past through they no longer possess the same powers as before. Most people adore them as they are able to help them at the time of need. For instance, he is able to protect the people in his town against the die-hard criminals who are operating in the town. What makes them superheroes is the fact that they are able to save or help people at the time of need. Again, they possess special powers with enable them to be superheroes.


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