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Research is based on finding the facts about an issue. It is also meant to be an investigative process which is organized. Through a research, explanations to phenomenon and clarification of propositions can be achieved. There are different research methods that can be used to produce the finding of facts. Qualitative and qualitative research methods are used to conclude and solve a problem while in some instances the use of both approaches can be applied. Every method is suitable for different types of studies and expected outcomes. Through research, it is possible to change the behavior of a group of people the way they think because of the facts provided. The credibility of a study process, however, depends on the skills of the researcher, sample used and the method used to collect the data. Interviews and questionnaires are commonly used but can be altered to observations and focus groups. This paper will look at two article reviews on research in organizations. The first article will be The dynamics of warmth and competence judgments, and their outcomes in groups by Cuddy, Glick &Beninger (2011). The second article will be How to motivate yourself and others? Intended and unintended consequences by Schroeder & Fishbach (2015). Both articles talk about research carried out by different organizations.

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Summary of the article

The first article looks at the role played by two traits (Warmth and competence) and the roles they play regarding causes and consequences in an organizational setup. The authors identify the two characters as significant in a social set where the warm people in an organization may be incompetent while the cold individuals or workers are competent. Warmth and competence lead to different emotions such as pity and envy. The authors feel that through nonverbal behaviors different people can learn to communicate therefore building good relationships with coworkers and customers which are good for the organization harmony and image. The article mainly focuses on the consequences of warmth and competence in an organization. The two traits can affect critical decision making process such as hiring, role assignment, and task assignment. Furthermore, the article goes further to give ways of dealing with biased warmth and competence biases. Leadership influence is one way to address the problem. Through excellent leadership, the employees of an organization will understand how to react and deal with coworkers and customers due to random training on warmth and competence. Peer influence can also help in addressing warmth and competence biases. Enforcing nonviolence disciplinary measures is another step that can be taken ensures that biases do not prevail in an organization. The research concludes with opening a path for future researches that will investigate the methods that organizations are measured regarding warmth and competence.

The article review brings out studies in a specific way. Initially, researches were seen as dangerous, challenging and tiresome processes that are formal and boring. However, the report shows that the investigation must be objective and should not take sides in finding the results and conclusion. The research on warmth and competence has good answers at the end. The article is well detailed with concrete steps and at the end, it provides conclusive answers. The article has proven the point that research must be interesting to the researcher. The way the authors package and deliver the report, it is evident that they were enjoying the research process and the topic in hand.

The article proves that there is a specific way which is a significant way to make decisions within the organization. The issue of warmth and competence is important because through the two traits people can behave in a way that can help the organization perform better or can affect the performance of the organization. Through the research, it is concluded that the two traits can be expressed clearly with the help of the body language which can have meaningful outcomes in the workplace relationship and interactions. Leaders in an organization are significant because if the improve, their nonverbal behavior can have the rest of the employees respect and trust them. The more the leaders are trusted and respected then it is easier for them to communicate and pass information to the rest of the employees. Similarly, the second article tackles also address ways that an individual can achieve success while working in an organization. In both cases, the research has been used to find the means to improving employee performance in an organization.

The information in this article is significant not only in my field but most of the field. It is important for an individual to appear as competent to the rest of the employees in an organization and the in particular leaders of the group. As a future worker, therefore, it is important that I understand the nonverbal behavior necessary that can influence how the employees and leaders in an organization look at me. At the same time, the information in the article has made me understand the different groups of people that can be affected by the two traits. Women, for example, are seen to non-verbally express warmness and if a woman does not do that they risk being judged. On the other hand, race plays a significant role when it comes to warmth and competence. White baby-faced individuals find it difficult to get top jobs in an organization and, therefore, must show other nonverbal characteristics to stand a chance of getting top jobs.

Personally, I believe the topic being discussed in the article is an important one. It is important because it presents an existing problem within many organizations. Every organization seeks to create a harmonious environment for all the workers to thrive in. However, some nonverbal behaviors can lead to the end of harmony between employees or between employees and managers. Understanding the causes and consequences of the two traits is significant because it helps an individual to adjust to survive and thrive is the organization set up. The findings of the research are important to any person who wants to build a career in a particular industry or organization. The topic carries more weight when it comes to MBA students who wish to find concrete ways that they can present themselves in the future. The topic has also suggested the largest between warmth and competence since many people pick competence over warmth as they seek to prove their worth and knowledge to the company leaders and fellow employees. Compared to the second article How to motivate yourself and others? Intended and unintended consequences, both items involve research that seeks to improve the performance of employees in an organization.


Cuddy, A. J. C., Glick, P., &Beninger, A. (January 01, 2011). The dynamics of warmth and competence judgments, and their outcomes in organizations. Research in Organizational Behavior, 31, 73-98.

Schroeder, J., &Fishbach, A. (January 01, 2015). How to motivate yourself and others? Intended and unintended consequences. Research in Organizational Behavior, 35, 11, 123-141.

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