Live Concert: How to Make the Theories Learned in Class to Be a Reality

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This is a concert held annually in New York City. This concert gives many artists the freedom to present major genres of music and instrumentation. It also presents the diversification of cultures of the entire United States of America. Various dignitaries just to have the reflection of the culture attend this concert. The main aim of the show is to help viewers and the audience to have an interest in art and appreciate creativity. The concert contains both traditional and modern genres of art. For instance, there are live performances of traditional dances and traditional instrumentals. At the same time, there are modern songs such as hip-hop, jazz, rock music among many others. I attended this years concert, and I saw a wide range of work of art. Among the instruments used in the concert, include the piano. This is a widely used music instrument. In is nearly used as an accompaniment to every performance. The sound is created by tapping the keys on the keyboard. Its keys vary according to pitch. It also has bits that can be set according to the performance.

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The same apply to the tempo and pitch. Another one is a guitar, which has strings set at different pitches and tempo. Next, they use saxophones and trumpet. The two instruments depend on the air that is blown through the mouth. They have button controllers that aids in controlling different pitches. Lastly, they use a cello widely. This is a violin-like instrument. The only difference comes from the sound production and setting. The Summerstage concert is one of the most interesting live musical concerts found in the New York City. Several performing artists were invited to perform during the concert. This artist includes the following. Cage, the elephant. This is an artist from Portugal. Boroncho, the man who also come from Portugal. Cymande the king. These were the pop singer and blues artists respectively.

The second concert still in New York is Webster music concert. This concert is held a year thrice in New York City. It is the second most thrilling concert in New York after Summerstage concert. It also hosts so many people from the states. The main mission of the concert is to link the traditional form of art with the modern art. At the same time, it also helps to create cultural diversification. The concert also appreciates various instrumentation used in music. This show uses various machines that promote sound quality. For instance, the amplifier aids in controlling the sound pitches and tempo. Various instruments are appreciated in the concert. For example, there is use dram sets. This is an instrument that contains several drams with different pitches and tempo connected to produce the desired rhythm. A specialist is required to play the drums in a predictable rhythmic pattern. The next one is the western concert flute. This instrument again uses air blown through its chambers using the mouth. During the concert, several genres and instruments learned in class were used and applied live. The main advantage of the two concert to me as the learner is that it helps to make the theories learned in class to be a reality. For example, various musical instruments that were learned in class were present. They were used the same way that we were taught in class. Above all, in every concert, there is highly appreciation of culture and art. The performing artists in this concert were majorly jazz bands. These artists include Django Reinhardt Coleman Hawkings among many others.

During the concert, my attention was drawn to jazz music. This is a piece that resonates and moves the audience during the performance. It is a genre of music that is played with a very soft melody. During the performance, jazz music is accompanied by soft swings and head nodes. Any songs do not accompany jazz music. The melodies that come from the instruments form a rhythmic patterns that form imaginary songs. A complete jazz band contains various types of instruments. These instruments are used collectively at once to create the desired rhythm. The instruments include the following. Electric guitar. This is connected to a power source, and a specialist is assigned to play it. The second instrument is a trumpet. This requires mechanical energy to operate. A required amount of air bi blown in the opening to create a melody. The third instrument is the saxophone. This is a special instrument with two opening. One end is narrow and is the side used to trigger sound. The next opening is large because it is where the sound comes. The instrument is played by blowing adequate air. It has buttons on the handle that helps to control the pitch and rhythm required. The clarinet is another instrument. This is a cylindrically shaped instrument. It has one mouthpiece that is used to play it. Other instruments include trombone, vocals, Hammond organ, and harmonica. All the instruments work as one unit to produce various types of music.

During the playing process, the specialist must be attentive not to mess the rhythm. A lot of coordination is done among the members. There is one person whose special work is to coordinate others. The coordinator stands in front of the specialists for easy coordination. According to the interview that we had with the coordinator after the concert, he explained that jazz requires a lot of training. It requires dedication from all members since it takes a lot of time during training. Lastly, I also realized that jazz could be used to produce different types of music. It can play reggae, R and B, and even hip hop.

During the two concerts I attended, I appreciated the good voice rendition applied by all the performing artists. Voice is a human singing. It is described in terms range of the vocal and the weight of the voice. When talking about the weight of the voice, we describe characteristics such as base, alto soprano, and terna. Vocalization and tonal variation were well used. This is regarding verbal singing. The voice and the instrument were well matched and formed a good harmony. The choice of voice used in the song depends on the type of musical instrument used. Artists may use all the voices in the group performance. These voices are distributed to members depending on the comfort and ability of singers during singing. As a witness, I would recommend that learning music and instruments in class is not enough. A lot of live practice should be done since it turns theory into a reality. The live concert also allows one to have live images in mind and can easily translate the instrument and its use.


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