Leadership and Management in Nursing/Midwifery: Motivation and Influences

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This article explores the qualities of a good leader and how such a leader ought to motivate fellow colleagues, especially in a critical sector of healthcare. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (2016), motivation is defined as the act or practice of showing encouragement or wanting to do something willingly so as to achieve something. Motivation has varied influences hence a good leader motivates to achieve good and desired influence within the workplace. Roles of leaders are very vast in nature. A good leader ought to be inspiring towards a certain vision and always be ready to lead by example (Ryan Holiday, 2016). In healthcare situations, inspiring nurses and establishing best practice values ensures that nurses handle patients with confidence and passion. A good leader energizes and inspires nurses (Tony Robbins, 1992). Through this, nurses are motivated to work very hard and in difficult circumstances considering the nature of activities in terms of casualties and emergencies. A good leader strives to build and ensure good leadership by leading from the front (Vadim Kotelnikov, 2016). This is important especially in emergency rooms when a leader is called upon to lead by example in being very sure of what they are doing at the operating table. A good leader believes in team spirit (John C. Maxwell 2008). Through team spirit, nurses feel encouraged to work as a team for the betterment of the patients that they are serving. A good leader monitors the progress of fellow nurses. This is very important so as to ensure that patients are recuperating well while being given the best medication, therapy, and psychological support. A good example of leadership theory that can best suit a leader leading nurses is the cognitive dissonance theory. This theory stipulates that a good leader ought to be consistent with his or her beliefs, emotions, attitudes and values (Jon Gordon and Ken Blanchard 2014). These attributes need to be harmonized so as to ensure smooth workmanship. This theory suits nurses in the sense that nurses need to be led by someone who has strong beliefs in solving patients issues, positive attitudes towards possible criticism from fellow nurses and patients, best practice values for such a noble profession and shows empathy on the needs of patients and nurses. Implementation of such theories needs good experience in terms of management and professional experience, but challenges such as resentment by nurses and patients may arise. Such challenges could be overcome through proper communication and an open-door system whereby people feel free to express their views without prejudice (Daniel H. Pink 2011). Motivation towards nurses fosters efficiency, best practices, and hard work from nurses. In conclusion, the benefits of motivating and positively influencing nurses lead to patients assurance and confidence in a health institution.

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