Leaders and Managers Role in Public Health Practice

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The frontline staff is crucial in every organization as they are the first people to receive a client. In the health sector, these personnel's should be well informed and aware of the organizational functions and procedures. They not only have the responsibility to give a warm welcome to a client but also ensure that customers are accurately informed about payment methods and the charges for services rendered. They also should be familiar with certain conditions to facilitate ease movement in the hospital by directing these clients to the respective sections depending on their medical needs. Although they may not be in managerial positions, they have the mandate to collect and analyze data, do program planning, facilitate effective communication, and offer customer support. In the supervisory level of management, the personnel with the responsibility to supervise certain tasks also require managerial skills such as planning, controlling costs and resources, and managing people. Supervisors are mostly under managers, and their job is to ensure that the administrative level observes all dimensions in the given department. It is a comprehensive and competency-based program. In the public health professionals in program management or supervisory roles, these professionals have the mandate to make policy recommendations and providing technical expertise.

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Senior management level is the highest level of organizational management positions, and they have the power to execute critical decisions in an organization. The mostly consists of the board of directors and the highest shareholders in the company. These people invest their capital in the organization and ensure that their investment remains stable at all times depending on the decisions they make such as capital injections and authorizing the funding of projects. In public health systems, they oversee major programs and operations: establish the mission, vision, and policies for the organization, and developing a culture for the institution to improve people's health in the community. Leadership qualities are fundamental to efficient public health practice and strategies that are crucial in ensuring that clients are provided with vital services.

Both leaders and managers play a significant role in uplifting the standards of public health practice. A stable public health requires a strong government that prioritizes health in all government departments and not just the health department, (Sir Liam Donaldson, 1999). In conclusion, both leaders and managers should work hand in hand to improve service discharge and ensure the fulfillment of all the requirements and standards that are set by various departments and organizations. They should cooperate in policy development using the scientific knowledge based on the decisions they make about the public health. They should also establish a strategic approach to leadership for public health policy with a positive appreciation for the democratic political process.


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