Reflective Essay on Leadership Concepts and My Transformational Story

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Various ideas are found within scholarly articles. They help to improve the manner in which individuals and especially professionals conduct their everyday activities. As such, they enable the individuals to go through numerous transformations that enable them to engage in good practice in the future. I can relate to such concepts since they have largely contributed to the transformation that I have experienced in the course of my practice as a leader.

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What Is Leadership?

In the transformation story, it is clear that many elements have been changed. From the knowledge and experience that has been gathered over time, several activities can now be done in a better and more effective way. One of the key components, where this has been realized, relates to the way that other employees and especially subordinates have been handled. This is an indication that the key influence of my transformational story is the ideas that were obtained from the literature besides the experience that has been gathered over time. The different concepts of leadership have led to the realization that leadership is not a simple and straightforward aspect. It is complex and intertwined in the sense that it requires a number of improvisations. This makes it necessary for each individual to work together within the placed team.

Theories of Leadership

In the past, it was in my opinion that a leader was charged with the task of ensuring that all tasks are correctly done. However, as indicated by Gosling, Sutherland, and Jones (2012, p. 58), a good leader is one who does not dictate terms to the employees. Instead, he is able to delegate duties and include all of the staff members in decision-making. This is realized both in the trait theory of leadership and the process theory of leadership. Both of these focus on the ability of the leader to interact with their followers to obtain results.

What Is a Leadership Role?

Gosling, Sutherland, and Jones (2012, p. 76) show that the main role of a leader is to be in a position to influence a large group of people positively. This means that they have to lead by example. In addition, they should make efforts to understand the position of the other workers. It is with this that they can motivate the employees to perform as expected. They can do this through training, education, time off, and the use of rewards. From there, I learned to make a lot of changes in my leadership skills. This is the reason why some of my physical and social traits have changed. In addition, in terms of behavior, I have learned to interact with people and appreciate them more.


In conclusion, the messages that are provided in most scholarly articles that deal with leadership reveal that there is a difference between leaders and good leaders. They state that a lot of effort is required in order to make a person a good leader. Thus, it is these concepts that, together with the experience gathered, have made it possible for me to undergo the current transformation towards becoming a better leader. It is an indication that theory can be put into practice in an effective way.


Gosling, J, Sutherland, I., & Jones, S. (2012). The Key Concepts in Leadership, New York: SAGE.

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