Lack of Healthcare for Female Offenders

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In today's prison systems there are a lot issues that occur such as the issue of overcrowding in prison institutions, mental illness issues and healthcare issues. Since majority of the prison population are incarcerated males, female prisoners are often overlooked in todays prison system. Health care is already an issues for the general population of the US, so you can imagine the magnitude of the issue in systems such as the prison system. One of the biggest issues that the prison system faces is the lack of health care for female offenders in prison. In the event that there is health care, it is normally insufficient and not adequate to properly serve the offenders need for a comprehensive health care. This research topic will be examining the effect of the lack of healthcare for female offenders who are incarcerated. The research aims to show that health care issues are especially prevalent in correctional population. it is important to treat this health care issues with the importance it deserves since female offenders in prison need to be taken care of just like everyone else is entitled to good healthcare.

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Prisons are a highly populates institutions and a known, such conditions make it very easy for the spread of communicable diseases. In this way, it is important to address the issue of healthcare in relation to female offenders to reduce the likelihood of spreading diseases that could have been prevented. Female who are incarcerated have a higher prevalence of diseases than incarcerated males. For instance, incarcerated females face more health care issues than incarcerated males, such as HIV, STDs, and other diseases. This could be tied to the vulnerability of women and many other socio-economic issues that are broader and more complicated.

Women in general are normally more prone to health issues to the way their systems are wired. Incarcerated women therefore suffer a higher risk of being prone to diseases. Female offenders in prison suffer disproportionately from illnesses such as reproductive ailments and issues, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. Some have chronic conditions such as diabetes and congenital heart conditions and as such are in dire need of proper medical care and efficient health care. It is also important to note that most female offenders are from minorities and as such are prone to exposure from unhealthy conditions that affect negatively on their health.

The prison system has had difficulties in providing adequate health care and meeting the health care needs of female offenders. This ensures that the health of female offenders in prison institutions keeps deteriorating. The available policies that are directed at health care provision in prison often limits this care since health care is already an issue of contention that should be improved nationally. The people who suffer the worst in a health care system that is inefficient are the ones that are shunned by society and they happen to be offenders of female gender.

Programs directed at health care in prisons sometimes are inefficient in the sense that you find that women have to queue a long time before a health practitioner can see them. It is also important to note the lack of adequate health care personnel assigned to prisons which places a burden and strains the few that are there. One health care practitioner can only do so much.

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