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According to addiction experts, public health can be protected best by prohibiting the Stocking weed together with the wine at the LCBO. However, for marijuana advocates, the prohibition remains the same. The statement that had just been released on Monday by the union representative of the LCBO workers stated that the provincially owned stores are the ideal place for selling marijuana in the case of its legalization by the federal government.

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized According to Various Personalities Opinions?

First, according to Thomas, president of the Ontario Public workers union acquisition of the warehouse and the qualified staff who have specialized in the checking of ages are among the reasons why the LCBO should have the authority over the legal port.

Secondly, the scheme would also generate revenue for the government to combat the potential social costs. But marijuana advocates say those communal costs and the anticipated risks associated with the society are magnified so as to make the government regulations remain stern on its authority

Thirdly, according to Blair Longley, who is the Federal marijuana party, the use of marijuana has been acknowledged to be safe just like coffee if not better than it.

Finally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have reiterated the deceitful election tactic of campaigning on a false promise that he would ensure the legality and the regulation of the use of marijuana. Nevertheless, Longley affirms that marijuana should be regulated based on the extent of the harm it is likely to cause.

Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized According to Various Personalities Opinions?

First, according to Hugo St-Onge, leader of Quebec’s Bloc Pot party agrees that government stores are not the way forward. There is a need to stop comparing marijuana to alcohol. The being Marijuana has its model and system. He prefers a food-model regulatory system, with sales done in a similar fashion to Amsterdam’s cafes.

Secondly, according to Dr. Benedikt, F. the officer in charge of the CAMH officiated the validation structure of 2014 that gave the government to have full control over the business of marijuana. The reiteration he made was that it was for the safety of public health and that the private sector would not be a party to the stipulated rule.

Finally, according to Rebecca Jesseman, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA). Alcohol sales based on the commercialization associated with private sales have increased the level of use. He further reiterates that cannabis is not a benign substance and that any regulatory approach taken should be based on the evidence and its implementation should be geared towards reducing its harmful effects. According to Jessiman, the private sectors were known to be high sellers of alcohol.

Controversy Over the Legalization of Marijuana From Different Views

First, Thomas agreed that there were many questions to answer concerning marijuana legalization. He also provided an emphasis that he would like to see the experts. Besides, he says that his union has something to offer and should be part of the debate.

Secondly, Charles Sousa, the Provincial Finance Minister told reporters Monday that the issues discussed at Queens Park were premature as feds just started the process. He further stated their willingness to participate in the discussions for a go-ahead.

Finally, for its part, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario said in an emailed statement that any decisions would follow an official decision from both levels of government and it is not making any pitch on its accord. The rule that holds at the moment is that marijuana is illegal, and any case about it will be dealt with as a crime by the federal authorities.

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