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Yes, there is a need to have stricter gun laws both in the United States as well as in the international community. The owning of guns has been observed to have more disadvantages than advantages than it had been thought before. One of the aspects that have startled many people is the fact that many instances of mass shootings that have been reported in the recent past have resulted from legally owned causing many deaths. Additionally, it has been noted that accidental deaths are at an increase in many households with guns. Children who do not have any knowledge about the usage of these guns are the primary victims. Reports indicate that there are high chances of people committing suicide using guns. Consequently, it is of significance to note that there is a need to have stricter laws for acquiring, purchasing, and using guns (Sentinel, 17). This is inclusive of reforming the laws regarding guns that are illegally owned. Providing stricter laws that prevent the misuse and the unscrupulous acquiring of guns can help control gun-related deaths whereas the need to have rules that prohibit owning guns that are from outside a nation and leaving the work of defending the citizens of a nation to the police are the main considerations in this discussion.

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History of How Gun Control Laws Come About

To begin with, gun laws have been in existence for a long. Owning a gun requires that one has his record set right. This includes the criminal records as well as the mental health status of the person that intends to own the gun. Reportedly, some of the officers that are meant to examine these records have been sleeping on the job and allowing people to purchase guns from outside the legally recognized firms. In 2012, a report released in Chicago indicated that many of the guns used to commit a crime were illegally obtained from a firm outside Chicago ("United States: California Leads US in Restrictive Gun Laws", 1). This calls for widespread laws that also govern the importation or the acquiring of guns from outside a region with stricter gun laws. All guns that are obtained from outside this region should first be scrutinized by the relevant security department together with the records of the owner.

How Do Gun Laws Affect Homicide Rate?

Owning of guns should not be granted to any person after even finding out that the individual has a straight criminal record and healthy mental status. This helps to curb the cases of homicide that have been reported for a long within the international community. In order to qualify for a gun ownership license, one should provide convincing conditions and reasons that guarantee his or her need for ownership. Sadly, the presence of a gun in a household is said to have a high risk of causing the death of the family member or a visitor. This risk is twelve times higher than that an intruder would pose. The same report indicates that restrictive laws regarding guns have proved to be more effective since crime rates have reduced significantly in areas where the rule are keenly implemented ("United States: California Leads US In Restrictive Gun Laws", 1). There is a correlation that exists between low homicide rates and the implementation of stricter gun laws.

Gun Laws and Opportunity to Defend With a Handgun

Seeking to own a gun for the sole purpose of defending oneself should be scrapped from laws regarding guns. The amount of armed robberies has increased significantly due to the purchasing of guns. This is one way of undermining the duties of the police force. They are solely supposed to be at the service of the people by defending them from attacks. One sure way of helping people that need to defend themselves is granting them permission to own guns, but have say, one bullet in the clip of the gun since to take down an invader one needs one bullet (Sentinel, 17). Further formulation of universal checks that should be used to evaluate some gun owners is necessary as well.


Finally, the ownership and usage of guns should be well outlined in the reformed laws in preventing criminals from accessing arms. Similarly, the permission to own guns by defending oneself should be discouraged, and this will help decrease the homicide cases reported all over the world. Providing licenses to more gun owners is one of the ways that criminals have used to access these guns and commit a crime. I strongly concur that stricter laws should be implemented to continue keeping society safe from the harm that results from the usage of arms.

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