Is Mc Donaldization Harmful or Have Some Positive Effect on the Society?

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McDonaldization is a term invented by George Ritzer to describe a sociological phenomenon that happens in the society. It is a process of replacing the traditional thought with reasons, hierarchical authority, written rules and regulations, emphasis on technical competence and efficiency(Ritzer 6). It states that a society characterized by rationality is one which emphasizes predictability, efficiency, substitution of non -human for human technology,having control over uncertainties and calculability. Over several years, MC Donaldization has been viewed to be harmful to the society due to over rationality which leads to irrationality. Rationality leads to a great dehumanization as people are reduced to act like robots. The main examples of these are large lecture classes, computer letters, pray-TV, automobile assembly line and dining at a fast food restaurants. For instance, as the individuals or organizations try to maximize efficiency, they fail to put into consideration quality of the products hence mass production which does not optimize welfare. Besides, it can also lead to the displacement of goals while the administrators try to achieve certain objectives of their organizations. For example, the German bureaucrats (Nazi camps ) who slavishly followed the rules while trying to maximize the camp's operational efficiency which results in the death of millions of people(Ritzer 12).In the process of substituting human with non-human technologies, the workers are being trained to perform routine jobs by drilling them to procedures, techniques, routines and use of machines which eliminates their ability to act independently. It thus makes people to think that they are interacting with human robots when the workers relate to personnel and customers of McDonalds fast food companies. The practice is also common in the current job market, service industries and firms.

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However, McDonaldization has led to many applications in the modern societies which have been of greater impacts to the inhabitants. Efficiency and speed in accomplishing tasks as been a milestone for companies since they have played a role in aiding organizations to achieve their goals as they strive to minimize time. As a result, they avail goods which feed the growing populations and meet the growing demand hence improvement of welfare. For example, organizations focusing on the division of labor and specialization are more efficient in production and tend to improve their rate of service delivery e.g. the TV dinner. Besides, through the use of predictability concept, customers can predict the food menu at different branches of the same organization. For instance, the food in a big Mac in California can be predicted to be similar regarding price and quantity in New York (Dustin 13). It thus ensures that the goods and services are availed to customers at their reach and at an affordable price. Due to substitution of non-human technology, workers in such organizations have repetitive, predictable and highly routine jobs which enable them to produce identical products for the satisfaction of the consumers who matches quality with quantity. It thus enables the company to maximize production, sales, revenue and profits which is the ultimate goal of every business unit.

Rationalizations occur in almost every society across the world. In each and every sector of the society, there is higher or greater application of calculability, predictability and efficiency to ensure goals are achieved. The company's restaurant and bars are striving to replace human and non-human technologies so as to have control over the risks which might arise in the normal operations of the business or on an individual's social life. It can be gaining control over religious salvation, distribution of goods, housing or control over subordinates by superiors and control of clients customers by workers (Drane,20). The control thus mitigates the risks hence enables the society to operate without extreme negative externalities which makes life unpredictable. Therefore, what is needed is not a less rational society but a greater control over the rationalization process by involving efforts to ameliorate its irrational consequences.

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