Introspective Analysis: Writing Formal Essays

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Formal essays became one of my favorite reading materials when I was in the fourth grade. One year later, I developed further interest in writing the essays for practice purposes. I had become so familiar with these kinds of articles that I had so much interest in learning everything about them. My primary intention for learning how to write them was to know every aspect of formal essays. After around two years of practice on how to write the formal essays, I became fluent in writing them, and it also improved my knowledge level on most aspects of these articles. I developed adequate skills on using various methods of writing these essays such as the MLA format. The experience that I had in the fourth grade concerning writing formal essays made me realize that its not a very easy task, and great care has to be taken so as to persuade the audience who read such kinds of essays. With continued practice, it, however, became very easy for me to develop formal quality articles. This article consists two parts. The first part is a review of my development as far as every aspect of formal essays is concerned. This section also contains a detail of the experience that I had in the fourth to fifth grade while practicing formal essays. The second part is mainly concerned with my preferred format of writing formal essays and also the Microsoft Word as the primary tool that I use to develop these articles.

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As a child, I always liked persuading other kids, mostly my friends in every discussion that we had. I had a gift of convincing them to see facts from my point of view. When I discovered formal essays, the fact that they were mainly concerned with influencing the audience captured my attention and I became an addict to them. At first, I was going through several of them to gain more experienced on how authors of these essays try to convince their audience. Later on, an idea struck me. With my skills of influencing other kids, I had a great potential of becoming an author of many formal essays. Thats when I began my practices on developing these kinds of articles, and also understanding most of their aspects such as the perfect way of introduction, conclusion and also how to format the bodies of these essays. I began to practice in the fourth grade. In the fifth grade, I could write simple formal essays of short length that persuaded most of my friends who went through them. Later on, in the same class, I become fluent in writing lengthy formal essays that involved in-depth topics.

Writing formal essays requires thorough research from academic sources as well as using appropriate format so as to be convincing enough to the audience. Several academic sources such as Jstor offer the necessary information in most formal essays hence they are very reliable. My experience so far is that googling only cannot help an author of a formal essay. Combination is necessary with other materials like EbscoHost to make formal essays helpful. In any formal essay that I write, its a common practice to include outside sources and also to provide in-depth information concerning those sources. These sources are very helpful, particularly when the audience needs thorough persuasion. Referring them to the outside sources help in convincing them about any topic. The work cited at the end of every essay makes most of my work organized and most of the audience develop further interest in studying them when they find such information.

The best format that I have come across in my experience of writing formal essays is the Modern Language Association (MLA). This format makes formal essays easy to write. I can provide my views and also to include other authors views to support my own in this kind of format. The in-text citation used in this format has helped me to support most of the information that I provide by quoting the exact page from scholarly articles. After taking such steps, the audience becomes convinced about the topic of discussion. I have also had a good experience with Microsoft Word while developing these essays. Word is quite an essay application to use since its requirements and operation is not complicated. The added futures of this application such as auto-correction, and clear indentation of pages makes writing formal essays enjoyable and of late, a hobby to me.

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