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The noble idea of Houwelings Nursery is the fruits of the Dutch horticulturist Cornelius Houweling. The Dutch man started with a small greenhouse with flowers and berries in his farm Langley, Columbia. The main intention of Cornelius was to come up with business which has a reputation and of a class. As such, the nursery employs the state of the art technology in producing tomatoes. The idea just started to feed the family but the emergence of the son changed the scope and mission of the organization.

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Houwelings Nursery mission is, Growing Perfect Produce. Most of its activities are aligned to its mission and have sustainable future in Agriculture. At Houwelings Nursery, we are committed to growing perfect produce and driven by the fact that there is need to have high caliber of tomatoes.


Houwelings Nursery vision is, Future of Sustainable Agriculture. The vision ascribes to the market oriented motive and exemplified by the use of advanced technology with dedication. This vision has resulted to the creation of sound environment for growing vegetable all round year basis. This has established a sustainable and quality production of produce in the market. The vision accentuates to three fundamental principles viz a viz economic feasibility, environmental soundness and social equity. The driving vision is a reality in the establishment of the Canadian grower, Houwelings that has made the farm back running with production of tomatoes throughout the season.

Organization Culture

Ideally, the use of glass-enclosed structures or the greenhouse is suitable as they breed good environment that is closed to good pest control mechanisms and weather pressures. There is no other kind of food that gives us some inspiration like tomatoes. The Houwelings Nursery is in the minds of many when it comes to the production of tomatoes for the sole reason that it employs state of the art technology CITATION Hou15 \l 1033 (Houweling's Tomatoes). Houwelings Nursery aim is to come up with sustainable future in Agriculture. Production of fresh, best and sweet tasting product is one of the fundamental objectives. There are varied plans adopted to help n increasing the glass area with the motive of being the organization culture. The ideas of plant and biosafety have been addressed by the use of over pressure to create a positive environment that articulate active ventilation.

Hong Kong Police Force

Hong Kong Police Force is one of the police force with high caliber of professionalisms. It has networks established all over 20 police districts in Hong Kong.


The vision states, "We strive to become one of the best youth organizations in Hong Kong and to assist Hong Kong remaining as one of the safest and most stable societies in the world"


In a sneak preview the mission alludes, "To develop our members to work in partnership with the community and other agencies to fight against crime. We are committed to train our members and to equip them with necessary abilities as future leaders in serving our community. We promote positive peer influence in tackling juvenile delinquency."

Organization culture

The organization culture is manifested in the following values; Effective communication both within and out with the Force, Professionalism, Respect for the rights of members of the public and of the Force, Responsiveness to change, Acceptance of responsibility and accountability, Fairness, impartiality and compassion in all our dealings, Dedication to quality service and continuous improvement and Integrity and Honesty CITATION Pol16 \l 1033 (Police Magazine).

Corporate Social Responsibility: Houwelings Nursery

Houwelings Nursery has received numerous honoring awards for having a noble heart to care and respect the planet. Actually, to demonstrate a good course of honor Houwelings Nursery has been at the receiving end of, 2011 CALIFORNIA GOVERNORS ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP AWARD (GEELA).the award comes amidst the numerous plans put in place coming up with environmentally friendlier practices thus being a key contributor of local economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Hong Kong Police Force

For some quite period of time, Hong Kong Police Force has been on the front line in consummating and showing goodwill in social responsibility. It is defined by care for all in the city. As a matter of fact, through the upholded corporate responsibility Hong Kong Police Force has earned and awarded with 5 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo. This demonstrates the insightful steps that the force has gained over the periods of service delivery.

More so, the Hong Kong Police has been a recipient of "Total Caring Award - Organisation 2006/07", and for this it has the power to have their logo get displayed for its care over the years. It is the mandate of the force to continually be proactive in practicing social responsibility and promotion of a caring heart and culture in all manner of aspects.

HouwelingsNursery strategic planning

Houwelings tomatoes are among the innovative organization that has not only had the plans for today but also strategic plans for the future. On the global stage, Houweling has come up with, Seeds of Tomorrow project. This tries to come up with nutritional goals and agricultural strides in transformation of schools in rural areas in Guatemala, key area where malnutrition is common. Furthermore, Houweling has plans to design a seedling greenhouse whereby small plants are develop and taken to the fields to even those regions with high down pour CITATION Hou15 \l 1033 (Houweling's Tomatoes).

Hong Kong Strategic Planning

Hong Kong Police force has both the dream of today and that for tomorrow through the introduction of strategic planning. For such a force to excel in its operations there is need to have plans underway that will meet the changing dimensions of policing landscape. On that note, Hong Kong Police has introduced the SAP 2014-16 strategic plan that will involve the entire commissioner rank officers.

Core competencies for a Sales Coordinator, Mona, Utah at Houwelings Nursery

Houwelings group is a family owned business which invested heavily in greenhouse vegetable growing having farms in UT, CA, Delta, Camarillo BC and Mona. Being one of the leaders and innovative in the state of the art greenhouse farming, the corporation has continued to shift focus on providing services that go year all round. Aside from greenhouse of tomatoes and cucumber the company has invested in seed propagation and timey seed delivery to its customers. The sales coordinator is the one mandated to come up and maintain sustainable business code of conduct with the companys customers and increase the sales force CITATION Hou15 \l 1033 (Houweling's Tomatoes). The SC has a world class or class of touch service delivery to its subordinate accounts manager. It is the mandate of SC to tackle the day to day management thus providing a good marketing support as required by its customers and suppliers.

Selection process for new officer/inspectors of the Hong Kong Police Force

Those who are keen to have positions in the Hong Kong police force have to meet some set requirements. First, you have to be a national and resident of Hong Kong special Administrative region. You need to proof that you have live in Hong Kong for at least 7 years. Secondly, is the issue of academic and language proficiency requirements. As a candidate to get space in the Hong Kong Police Force you have to posses bachelor degree for an inspector and level 2 for a constable. You must be good in English by speaking and writing.

There are some key tests you need to pass so as to get a place in the Hong Kong Police force viz a viz Aptitude test made of 40 multiple choice questions, basic law test, English language test made of general paper and task paper, and the Chinese language tests made of task and general paper that one is needed to complete 60 multiple questions CITATION Pol16 \l 1033 (Police Magazine).

Organization structure of the Hong Kong Police Force

Headed by the Commissioner of Police and deputized by commissioner of police, management and deputy commissioner operations and five departments shown below.

Examples of green management practices by Houwelings Nursery

First, is the use of greenhouse which helps in the control or creation of a micro environment that best suits the crop CITATION Hou15 \l 1033 (Houweling's Tomatoes). The use of heat and controlling of temperature in the greenhouse by use of heat collected by way of solar thermal array.

Examples of green management practices by the Hong Kong Police Force

Green management practices are geared to reduce harm to the planet earth and uphold the beauty of environment. The use of the state of the art technology sirens is one way in which Hong Kong police force has embraces the green management. Most of the weapons used are sophisticated thus reducing harm to the environment.

SWOT analysis of the Hong Kong Police Department


Strong and committed leadership

High profile police officers


Limited staff ratio

Lack of effective data recording mechanism


Availability of international partners

High professionalism and community policing


Government funding cut

High rate of violence against the women

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