Expository Essay on Providing Whole Person Cares in Health Care

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Patients tend to seek spiritual intervention when they face various health challenges. The patients belonging to a particular religious tradition may need prayers or other forms of spiritual practice from the medical providers. Health care professionals ought to think deeply about the role of spiritual care in their professional occupation. It is something that needs a lot of care in handling. There exists a close link between religion and spirituality according to most people's culture. However, not all people believe in that since some are religious but not spiritual and vice versa. I think healthcare providers should set proper guidelines, exhibit effective practices, and set boundaries to provide compassionate healthcare to patients. I am sure they can do several things to achieve that.

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Importance of Trust in Health and Social Care

I believe one crucial aspect of professional health care is building trust in healthcare providers. The patients hugely rely on their caregivers for their trust since the diseases tend to make them vulnerable. Trust goes hand in hand with respect, and I believe respectful care of the patient is one practice that medical personnel should practice in so as to provide compassionate care. Protecting the patients from any harm is one crucial method of establishing trust and respect between the patients and their careers. Health care professionals should first understand the patients' preferences, resources, and spiritual needs so as to provide civil medical services (Koenig, 2013).

What Does Integrity Mean in Health Care?

Preserving occupational and personal integrity is another way through which I believe health care providers should seek to provide efficient whole-person care. The virtue of honesty is very significant in building relationships with patients. Examination of personal beliefs and instincts is essential for pursuing integrity both professional and personal to provide quality health care(Wehtje-Winslow, 2007). I believe personal actions mark the level of integrity of an individual. Exhibiting integrity will ensure a nice spiritual relationship between the patient and health care provider.

The Role of Spirituality in Health Care

I am sure an understanding of personal spirituality opens the door to understanding other people's needs spiritually. Health care providers should strive to comprehend their spirituality so as to care for that of their patients too (Professor Wilfred McSherry, 2010). I believe spirituality and health care will provide an efficient way for more respectful and compassionate care because it will help the medical personnel distinguish between the needs of patients and their personal needs.

Professional Boundaries in Health Care

There should, however, be limitations to providing compassionate care to the patients. I believe health care professionals should refrain from prescribing certain spiritual practices and religious beliefs to provide quality health care. They should also refrain from using their competent authority to promote an individual practice or religion to the patients. They should understand and allow the patients to practice their beliefs whether spiritual or religious. Some beliefs may impact various detrimental effects on the patients' health depending on the disease they are suffering from. The patients may also feel that the beliefs are against theirs, and hence, their health may deteriorate.


The current generation contains a lot of technological advancements in health care. However, the patients still require health care that nurtures and takes care of their spiritual needs. I believe whole-person care should necessitate the health care providers to care for the human spirit needs in addition to the physical needs too. Patients need people around them at all times to comfort them and care for their needs. It brings them much joy and happiness in their lives.


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