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Health care provision is imperative to the society today. Health professionals have the responsibility of maintaining the well-being of all persons in the society. Health care provision is emphasized by numerous nations around the world as it is a core prerequisite of economic development. There are numerous careers that persons can pursue in the healthcare sector. Such include registered nursing, dentistry, physician, dental hygienist, physical therapist and physician assistant among others (Taylor, 2015). This essay is an interview questions report of a healthcare professional that seeks to determine her profession; steps followed to embark on the profession, training acquired, future trends in her career and how she uses health promotion in her career.

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Question 1: What are your full names?

Molly George Washington.

Question 2: What is your profession?

I am a pediatric nurse. As a pediatric nurse, offer care to infants, young children, and adolescents.

Question 3: How did you decide to embark on this profession?

Choosing a profession is something you decide personally. Since childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming a nurse. I loved helping others and I thought to be a nurse will be one-way offering care for others. I love working with children and community members. As a pediatric nurse, I am well equipped with knowledge in all pediatric areas. Working with children requires one to have much patience, which is one quality that I possess. Providing health care to kids and restoring their hopes and joy is a wonderful experience. For this reason, I love being a pediatric nurse since it is both a fulfilling and exciting career.

Question 4: What kind of training did you have to work in this field?

As an aspiring pediatric nurse, I focused my high school education towards sciences. Since all pediatric nurses must be registered nurses at the beginning of their career, I enrolled for a bachelors degree in nursing and did the national licensure examination to be a registered nurse (, 2013). A pediatric clinical experience is a prerequisite for the Certified pediatric exam. Therefore, I worked in a nearby hospital where I gained experience helping children to receive medical care. I collaborated with numerous pediatric specialists and doctors. Also, I interacted with numerous guardians and parents regarding their childrens health. Later on, I sat for the Certified Pediatric Nurse Exam for me to be a certified pediatric nurse (CPN) (PNCB, 2013).

Question 5: How do you see the field of pediatric nursing changing in the future?

The field of pediatric nursing is experiencing a continuous tremendous change. There are several trends that will impact pediatrics in future. Such include the scientific advances, changes in the needs of the society, political interests, changing nursing profession, demand of the consumers and rise in public awareness and understanding of the health problems of the children. New technologies that are also emerging will create changes in the field of pediatric nursing in the future. There will be more accurate and less invasive tools used in the diagnosis and treatment of kids. With these unpredictable changes, pediatric nurses are required to adopt a continuous process in preparation for the changes occurring.

The medical advances will have an impact on the practice of pediatric nursing. As a nurse, one will have to expand their roles, acquire a certification and be a member of the professional organization of nurses. This is to promote competence and to support diligently, the health care requirements of children and families. Also, they will work with other health care professionals to come up with appropriate philosophies to establish family-centered care. Pediatric nurses will have to remain updated with the latest technological advances and innovations so as to ensure that the quality of health care given to children is improved.

Question 6: How do you use health promotion in your job?

Providing health promotion is of paramount importance to all nations around the world. I use health promotion to provide children and families with information on prevention of diseases and promoting good health. The leading indicator of health in adolescents and children is obesity. This can lead to serious health problems like hypertension, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance among other numerous clinical conditions. Obese children are likely to be isolated, which in turn might compromise social well-being. As a pediatric nurse, I am in a position to promote parents with the knowledge regarding healthy living for their kids. I also encourage children to participate in activities that will contribute to the improvement of their health.

I am also concerned with adolescent health promotion. In most cases, adolescents do things without using their critical thinking skills. They fail to take into consideration the consequences of their actions. I actively participate in adolescent education in the health institution where I work. I talk to adolescents regarding the changes they are undergoing through in life and how they should manage such changes. Particularly, I train such kids on sex education. I talk to them about their sexuality and how external influences such as the social media can negatively influence them. I guide them on how to relate with their peers since peers play a significant role in their lives.


Pediatric nurses provide health care to infants, children, and adolescents. They collaborate with pediatricians, family doctors, and other nurses to provide critical and preventive health care services to young kids. A pediatric nurse is required to educate the patients relatives on preventive measures for childhood ailments as well as proper diets for growth and development. The field of pediatric nursing has numerous challenges. A pediatric should exercise patience when interacting with young children and their families. The advancement in technology has had a great impact in the field of pediatric nursing. Such include the improvement in the equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions among young children. Therefore, nurses should be aware of these changes and keep in pace with the emerging trends, such as technology, that are likely to change the roles of the pediatric nursing profession.


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